Katie, ATT Reviews

Katie, ATT Reviews


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I kept forgetting about doing my own business card, perhaps it's because I think that I don't need one, the world wide web is a huge market...but then I agree with you you...I should have one...thanks for the links provided. I would go probably with this advice on business card design:

"Humor can be a great way to capture someone’s interest and keep in memory. It also serves as an icebreaker of sorts and can easily get a conversation moving along"

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"The problem with fear is that… sometimes… it keeps ordinary people from doing extraordinary things." I really have to agree with that...there are things in my life that sometimes I ask myself "why I didn't do this and that" when I know I can...it's because of fear...it's hard to get rid off but when you realized you fear and accept that you learn how to battle with it and slowly get out of your comfort zone.