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Yes Mike its true. And its important to have humility every time when seeking help and nothing more than this can get us across to were we are going. I believe that there are a lot of things that we have to deal with when we think about seeking help. Mostly attitude determines how far we can be bold to this subject.
Thank You again Mike and i believe there is a lot we can explore on this subject.
Just addition to what i said previously.

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Thanks Mike for this subject and a lot of the other blogs.
I guess it is an important question to ask and i think it is not wrong when you know were you are going with a definite purpose. The only problem I see is the attitude you use to seek for help. If you start saying how will people say about me with such title and qualification of this size and all that. It will be difficult to humble yourself to the people you are leading. And it makes me to believe that the people who makes a lot of mistakes are those who are too proud to admit that they need help one way or the other. Help is all we need and that's the reason we have mentors and counselors to help us along the way with their experience and the ability to look at situations through wisdom and advise sincerely. We as the youth we are blessed to have people like you Mike helping us through the jungle of business while we strive to make it a success.

For sometime now believing in the power of mentor-ship. It paramount and necessary. Its easy to ask for help when you first make a decision and develop it as a habit. It will help you as an individual weather in business or employee or just life in general to avoid some silly mistakes which we can help from those around us.

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Hello Mike
I believe the greatest asset we could have is meekness and humility which empowers our confidence. I seldom think its better to be confident and lowly in heart because that alone can earn you the respect of your people or followers. Confidence can mislead if no understanding exist. A wise man once said when the purpose of a thing is no known abuse is inevitable which might be the case if you don't know the purpose of confidence and how to apply it. While arrogance is a display of inferiority complex and sometime for most the men its the little boy within us threatening our confidence due to childhood experience.