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I can definitely relate to this as well. I question my gender presentation a lot, and I sometimes wonder if maybe I go too anti-feminine. I feel comfortable, though, and have no desire to wear makeup or skirts or dresses; haven't in a long time. I know it's ridiculous that those things should be the strict domain of girls, though. I wonder a lot if I'd feel differently if I was born into a male body. Maybe, maybe not - there's no way to tell. I guess the most important thing is that I question it often and try to make sure that the way I dress and present myself is not just a reaction against all things deemed female, but a true expression of what feels comfortable to me.

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as a genderqueer kid who's studying to be a primary school teacher (the australian equivalent of elementary and middle school, for the north americans here), hearing andrea speak about how kids react to hir gender is awesome and gives me hope.

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that was great! thanks for the recommendation. i can't believe that films like this are happening practically in my backyard and i didn't know about it!
wish i could grow a moustache like betty's. ;)

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I'm new and wanted to comment on this one - labels for me are something that I've always wanted to be able to apply to myself, I've always longed for something to define myself, but have constantly found myself falling outside of these boxes. I'd like not to care about labels, but I do - I guess it's a search for identity that I'd like to be able to put words to. I think maybe other people have this in common with me. It can definitely be easier to have a label for someone as an initial point of understanding, as long as you can keep an open mind and are not limited by that label when/where it doesn't fit. Traditional labels definitely need a lot of work, but sometimes it's nice to have a name for yourself.