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Of course you're right Tony,

Everything we do as believers grows from an intimate relationship with God.

Thanks for your comment.

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Thanks for the comment,

It's tough. On one hand I want the music to be all about ministry and on the other hand in order to do ministry I have to pay the rent. So I'm trying to figure out the balance of trusting God and doing the things I must in order to keep afloat.

How are you doing that?

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I'm not sure I'm tracking with you Tony,

It is true in order to be a good leader we must be good followers first of God and then of His delegated authority. God has placed people in positions of authority to serve by helping the entire body of Christ walk in the fullness of her calling. Jesus modeled it perfectly. He definitely healed the sick, preached the word, was a disciple maker , etc., etc. and on the way to the cross He used every opportunity to equip those entrusted to Him to walk in the fullness of their calling.

When we focus on needs we end up using people to meet needs and serve events rather than using needs and events to equip the saints. Leaders must be faithful with the most valuable thing in the Kingdom. Those He bought with His own blood. That means valuing all the gifts in all of His people. Not just the young, the talented, the articulate, or any other niche we can think of.

Sorry I got a little preachy there. This is a critical subject in my opinion. Thanks for the comment.

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Thanks Ray,

This helps, I'll post my thoughts on Tuesday.


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Would love to hear your songs Tony.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I\'m expecting a great year.

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Thanks so much Aaron, hope you're blessed my friend.

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Great comments all,

There is so much going on during a worship service and preparation is huge. Once we've prepared then we can let it go and trust God to meet His people.

Aaron I agree. when there is a lack of understanding theologically and practically we can fall into manipulation really miss the point. As worship leaders we must meet the congregation where they are draw them in allow space for personal worship in the context of a corporate gathering. We also must have a lifestyle of personal worship, which is another post coming soon.

Is that what you meant Aaron?

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Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments,

I appreciate the broader context and I love your final comment:

"Praise God for the "body" of Christ. A body where everybody is somebody"

Blessings and thanks for the contribution.

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I wish it were just that simple Jordan,

I don't disagree with what your saying. This is a mindset in the American church overall. I see it at every level not just the worship teams. Pastors are getting cooked because they are not equipping the saints. Part of it comes from seminaries teaching them how to be doing machines but not how to equip.

When churches have 5 "outreach" services throughout the community and they all are a video of the main service there is a problem there as well.

Thanks again for your thoughts.