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I am pretty sure I prefaced that comment with, I've heard a stat like this before but not ENTIRELY sure of its accuracy. However, whether accurate or not, we have a TON of colleges and universities both public and private in Baltimore, i.e. we have all of the elements (future workforce and talent included), for a vibrant ecosystem to emerge. Its happening. Thanks for reading :-)

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Miss you Sean :-) Hope to see you again soon! One word: Pho?

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John -

Wow, sorry for the late reply, for some reason I just noticed your comment appeared at the top of the thread vs. the bottom where it should be given when you posted it. Thanks for reading and your thoughts on the topic.

While I appreciate your perspective, I believe there is much more to the "ecosystem" that I envision than just stopping at accelerators etc is just a layer / component of the ecosystem. The other things to consider about accelerators in particular is that not all of them are 3 months long, give out $20-25k in funding, then do a demo day, etc.. I think the overall model is very "rubber stamped." Some are different. As an example, the one I am currently working on won't look anything like that model as an example. Its all about being revenue ready, if not already generating revenue before you leave.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem is multifaceted and includes participation from everything from entrepreneurs, universities, local and state government, the funding community, and the related associations and feeder groups that help make things happen. But above all, the most important thing in building an entrepreneurial community and ecosystem is to start doing it :-) We've talked a lot in Baltimore. Its go time, and I am confident the pieces will fall into place over time.

I look forward to checking out Sara Sarasvthy to gain more perspective. Again, thanks for reading!

- Greg

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Thanks for reading Mike. I agree the "innovation layer" needs some TLC for sure. I am glad you brought up SocialDevCamp - I thought those were very inspiring and helpful events that brought out such a broad group of the Baltimore ecosystem - developers, marketers, designers, educators, entrepreneurs, etc.. seems like we need to do more of those types of events as they are feeders to the innovation layer. The SocialDevCamps offered an outlet for the raw, creative energy to be expressed.

We need to continue to program like that in town and celebrate the wins and the things that come from it! Thanks again for reading and sharing your thoughts.

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Ron -

Thanks for reading! Appreciate your thoughts and insights on your perspective on the Baltimore scene. I know we have spoken about your perspective and view on Baltimore in the past when we met and discussed your new startup and your experience at TechStars. All good stuff.

From my perspective, your comment resonates with why I wrote the post. Look at John Marsh's comment as well in regards to including the design & arts community into this mix. They are vibrant entrepreneurs as well, and I think we can all agree that when we mix art and science wonderful things can happen. So, lets make that happen - we will be discussing how soon.

Take your Baltimore TechBreakfast for example. Unfortunately, I haven't been to one yet, but you clearly are a intertia point for gathering local entrepreneurs and from what I understand its a "diverse crowd" or aka other people than the usual "clique" as you put it. So, how do we leverage that? How can the GBTC help you with that? Is that always at the ETC? How about moving it around and networking through some other groups? One of my gripes is how everything revolves around the ETC :-) We need more spaces and other spots for the community to gather.

As for the Angel Investing thing, sorry I am pulling a blank! I know you were looking for possible angel investment in your new startup but in regards to hearing about your 5 years experience with angel investing, I'd love to hear all about it! In fact, I openly invite you to come and join the Baltimore Angels group and start taking an active role in helping us with the group. We have big plans for 2012. Our next meeting is Dec 6th - next Tuesday. Feel free to attend. Ping me for more details.

In conclusion, you basically hit on the core issue with Baltimore and the region - the notion of the "cliquiness" - also commonly referred to as "tribes" - there are a lot of them and they need to come together. Are you in with helping to make it happen around here? If so, let me know how you think I can help you.

Thanks again for reading!


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and that accelerator should be at UMBC :-)

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I agree Caroline, trust and alignment are key factors in this whole thing. I think when the mandate is all for the greater good of the ecosystem, and the pieces align then things can happen. Take universities - UMBC, a vibrant, creative institution for sure. UMBC and others are KEY players in developing the workforce of the future. How do we align UMBC with the external ecosystem? How do we get students who are SERIOUS about starting businesses and being innovative to feel comfortable expressing their ideas, doing idea competitions, or business plan competitions, having them judged and showing them a clear path to an accelerator that seed funds them, mentors then and spins them out into the greater region. They then move into our co-working spaces, our incubators, etc and are introduced to the funding community. Not all will make it, but the ones that do will be growing, creating jobs and building the region. I want to thread that kind of thing together with you and Greg Simmons :-) When there is alignment there is trust. What do you think?

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John your event is exactly the type of thing that needs to take place more often in our region - as you and Rob say, celebrating the entrepreneur and bringing them out. Letting them shine, and letting them also do the work that is necessary to help build this larger ecosystem. Looking forward to continuing to work with TEDCO and making great things happen. Thanks again for reading.

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Thanks Sharon - appreciate your support and the kind thoughts. This is a thread the needle mandate now, and we need to fire on all cylinders. I don't think it will take 20 years to build our ecosystem as we have the parts here now. Looking forward to seeing how the GBTC can play a key role in being a central nexus point for us all.

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Thanks Mike! Glad to have you involved. I'll be in touch later today re your email :-)