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Dude. Christian Scientists are not considered Christians by any of the Bible believing Christians Like the Assemblies of God. CS people are too concerned with their own brand of medical healing.They are on the same level as Jehovahs Witnesses. According to one dictionary that I have: Homeopathy lies midway between Christian Science and traditional medicine, with the former feeling itself superior to the latter, because the former can heal imaginary diseases where the latter cannot.

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There is no 'gospel of st. barnabus', bozo! That is a false manuscript...probably made up by some muslim....

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Keep up the good word bruh. We have got to keep reaching out to more, and more people. Ya know. I have met a coupe of arabs. I think that they could be fun, helpful, and reliable friends if not for that stinking muhammad.

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Good writing Logan.

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I sent the Mayor a congrats email. Hope it emboldens him.

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Good post. Keep up the Christian Jihad for Adoni.

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There are just too many people in the world that are afraid of islam. Afraid to get into a fight. Not willing to protect their societies way of life.Its like the Englanders at the beginning of WW2. Hitler was shooting buzz-bombs at London, and those goofy brits were sending bombers loaded with leaflets to Germany . And they were dropping these leaflets which proclaimed: " England is your friend", The British are your friends!! We do not want trouble......" DUH!!
Trouble had already started and was in fact, occurring daily.
But there was those goofy brits, down on their knees, hands up in prayer, begging for peace (at any price). Hitler laughed at them.
And the muslims are laughing at the Netherlanders.

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Where do they justify this "blood for blood" comment? How does that apply at all? Freakin idiotic muslims. Seems like most of em have serious testosterone problems. And I sure am tired of seeing Rage-Boys face too.

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So, why doesn't the US hold back the yearly donation it gives to Egypt until the US sees prosecution of the muslim killers in Egypt?

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I'll bet the army had let a muslim (unknowingly) do the proofreading and editing.