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Outside of Toronto in smaller communities elections are a joke (not that they aren't everywhere else too). In my parents riding the past election was a close race between the incumbent, an "old boy" conservative who only appeals to the majority of the riding because he's fat asshole who will tell the farmers and businessmen what they want to hear, and the challenging Green candidate, who actually proposed real changes and presented new policies that would benefit the community.
But of course the election went to the conservative candidate, as usual.
In cases like this policies and issues don't even matter, older voters just keep voting for the same party/person that they've voted for in every other election.
It's sad, but this is why I've become very disillusioned with Canadian politics.

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Oh yeah, bad pecans are horrible. But the difference between nuts and science fiction is that sometimes a bad sci-fi flick is so bad it's awesome, you never encounter a nut that is so foul it's good, they usually just make you want to vomit.

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The HE bugs look oddly familiar...

Joel, were you watching A Bugs Life / Ants with the kid?

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Yeah, I watched Joel do this live (the original broadcast was several hours long) but it's a lot more interesting with the commentary. The Ustream that Gabe from PA does isn't nearly as interesting.

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I like the new dashboard, but the Netflix support doesn't work in Canada.

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I just wanted to mention how much I like the background colours/texture in this comic. Were you using a grunge brush for this Joel?

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To be fair almost all retail brick and mortar stores have intranets with different prices than their own online price. If you want cheap shit, buy it online, if you want it NOW buy in at a store.
That being said. Fuck Best Best buy and Fuck Futureshop (the Canadian Circuit City).

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The sundries are actually alien ships closing in on the Enterprise. Probably Romulan assholes looking to start some border disputes.

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This is especially funny if you saw Eli's tweets from the party.

@Sean, by "in the business" are you referring to the Mexican wresting business, or the webcomic character naming business?

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Eli's expression in panel three is amazing.