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I wish I could read this entry and the comments but I am busy with my BLACKBERRY.

Representative Cantor, were you not paying attention because you don't need to because you have already made up your mind to continue to stand in the way of the real change for real people?

Please remember that you are representing people and NOT party politics.

Maybe you could use your Blackberry to get informed about what REAL health insurance coverage in this country has disintegrated to.

Maybe you could use your Blackberry to e-mail your colleagues letting them know you are dropping party politics and you are going to help effect a real change for real people.

Maybe you could use your Blackberry to inform your human resources department that you are going to forego your health care coverage for yourself and your family so you can experience what the average American has to experience.

Maybe you could use your Blackberry to calculate the costs of the Bush era tax cuts, the illegal "war on terror", and the spectacular economic policy failures of your beloved W.

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I would like a really easy app to edit photos with writing on them, circling (to point things out), adding shapes, captions, etc...

I currently have a wireless HP C7200 and I would love for their new printers to have an easier scan technology.

Right now, I have to open up a program, put in the item and then come back to my computer to tell it to scan. I think it should be a tad easier!! I LOVE that it scans to PDF.

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You've got courage! I'll never forget something I heard Maya Angelou say about how she will NOT allow the poison of racism to be spoken around her. When I heard her say it she also said that if you don't say something you are giving your approval of what is being said. I found a quote of hers:

I will not sit in a group of black friends and hear racial pejoratives against whites. I will not hear "honky." I will not hear "Jap." I will not hear "kike." I will not hear "greaser." I will not hear "dago." I will not hear it. As soon as I hear it, I say, "Excuse me, I have to leave. Sorry." Or if it's in my home, I say, "You have to leave. I can't have that. That is poison, and I know it is poison, and you're smearing it on me. I will not have it." Now, it's not an easy thing. And one doesn't all of a sudden sort of blossom into somebody who's courageous enough to say that. But you do start little by little. And you sit in a room, and somebody says -- if you're all white, and somebody says, "Well, the n***** -- " You may not have the courage right then, but you say, "Whooh! My goodness! It's already eight o'clock. I have to go," and leave. Little by little, you develop courage. You sit in a room, and somebody says, "Well, you know what the Japs did then, and what they're doing now." Say, "Mm-hmm! I have to go. My goodness! It's already six o'clock." Leave. Continue to build the courage. Sooner or later, you'll be able to say out loud, "Just a minute. I defend that person. I will not have gay bashing, lesbian bashing. Not in my company. I will not do it."