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Congrats on your new baby!

I can appreciate your frustration and sense of being out of control, so I'll attempt to convey some advice that helped me: For the calf tightness, it sounds like you are pushing off with your toes. Lean forward from the ankles, keep your body straight and let gravity do the work for you. Try to relax your calves and ankles. Check out for more details. Hills can compound the issue. When going up, use your arms, short strides and lean into the hill. When going down, and it is not too steep, be perpendicular to the trail/road and stretch out your stride and let gravity help you down.

The stick or a foam roller will help stretch the muscles much the same way a deep tissue massage would, so be prepared for some pain, but it will definitely help. It was the best treatment for my IT band.

Don't land on your heels which can cause more friction and transference of force to your knees. Instead try to land mid-foot below and just behind your center of gravity. The impact is distributed more evenly. Chirunning applies the principles of physics to running and makes sense, as well as, reduces pain and injury.

Keep it up. It looks like your progressing well if you are already doing 8 milers. (Of course, that could cause problems if you try to progress too fast, too soon.)