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I am so glad that the US has reached out to the noble and heroic steadfast Syrian government and given them the credibility of US recognition. The Assad regime are murdering swine with US blood on their hands. They deserve nothing more and nothing less than to be wiped from the face of the earth.

Al Qaeda, Hezbollah and every major terror group operate out of Syria, this too is reason to recall our Ambassador and give Assad 2 days to quit the country or face the consequences of his complicity to murder US troops in Iraq.

And lest you think me harsh, ask what would FDR would have done to Franco had the Generalissimo let Spanish terrorists attack US troops in WWII France. The Spanish fascist regime would have been destroyed and nothing will ever change the moral equation with Syria's Assad.

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While think Buffett is wrong about taxes, I disagree lumping the man in same boat as the stalwarts of the democratic party.

Buffett and Gates took the most enormous fortunes even made and put them to the betterment of mankind using the business methods that made them wealthy. This is pure selfless decency and should be beyond such harsh criticism.

Gates in particular has shown the way- scientifically attacking the issues that matter most to the most miserable on this earth.

All this raises the question for Ms. Coulter: what is your percentage of giving? I have no doubt it is higher than Obama's so shout it out girlfriend!

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As the father of two adopted children, I can categorically say that my kids disagree with Ms. Ironside. I am no fan of abortion but I do believe the right to an abortion in the case of rape and incest is absolute.

Remember that the millions of abortions we have every year come at a cost to the mother and society. There are no winners once pregnancy comes into a life unprepared for it. But as a society that has lines of families waiting to adopt, if we really loved the unborn, we would love their mothers enough to give them the resources to make decisions that preserve life. If there were scholarships and tax credits for birthmothers, we as society would be limiting abortion in the most moral way possible. Every year tens of thousands of adoptive parents climb on planes heading out to the orphanages of the world seeking children to fill their homes. There are no words to describe the tears of the adoptive mother and there is no more pure joy on this earth than seeing an adoptive mother hold her new child the first time.

We have budget deficit, but no one talks about the love deficit, the silent tears of empty hearts yearning for children. This is not a reason to ban abortion, it is a reason to reach deep into the enormous heart of this great nation and find paths to higher solution.

It is not worth a second of our time to waste hating on Ironsides, if you care about abortion, build a world for the unborn so abortion becomes unecessary.

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Yes he save oodles of lives gunning down two dozen unarmed arabs with a machine gun!

I subscribe to every word in the article above but I wish people would stop pretending Goldberg was a hero. He could have gone to the police or armed the Gush bloc to protect Jewish lives.

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I have known personally two people who were survivors of the Holocaust. Their story completely and unquestionably confirms the official western historical understanding of what happened.

To the RoBo's of the world: you have to argue that 10,000 train shipments did not happen; the German archives and the train records all confirm it. The only people who claim otherwise are people like the drooling psychopath in Iran and yourself. There is no hope for the idiot Ayatollah, but you can read a book and learn for yourself. Start with Churchill's history of the war. Read Eisenhower or even Steven Ambrose. It happened.

As for the victims I personally knew, they were members of large close knit families. Their relatives were alive on 9/1/1939 and could not be found in March 1945 when Poland was finally liberated and were never seen again.

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I am all for freedom but BP knowingly cut corners and has cost many people their livelihoods. While oil is critical for our country, just because they extract it does not give them license to not do it right. BP has unforgivably screwed up.

One of the few things the federal government does do reasonably well is health and safety inspections. You want impartial people with a duty to independently determine whether something is safe or not. BP undermined the system and ran roughshod over safety measures and they do need to pay for what they have done.

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And just how do you expect people to murder Jews if they don't have access to advanced weapons?

Sometimes I think people need to chill out and understand that, for some people, antisemitism is a full time job.

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Another point in support of your thesis- I do not recall any named Muslim students at Hogwarts. There is a clearly Jewish student named Anthony Goldstein.

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Really excellent analysis and timely too. I have just finished rereading the Potter series last night. Order of the Phoenix is my favorite.

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Not correct, Prof. Dershowitz challenged Finkelschmuck's scholarship. The reason he did so is Finkelschmuck had become the go to scholar for hatred against Israel.

Not correct, Prof. Dershowitz challenged Finkelschmuck's scholarship. The reason he did so is Finkelschmuck had become the go to scholar for hatred against Israel.
Not correct, Prof. Dershowitz challenged Finkelschmuck's scholarship. The reason he did so is Finkelschmuck had become the go to scholar for hatred against Israel.

People should remember that Prof. Dershowitz is a card carrying liberal. But unlike many liberals today, he is pro-Israel. I disagree with the professor on many things but I am proud to live in a country with liberals like him who challenge my thoughts and ideas.

Yes he defended Klaus von Bulow and OJ Simpson, but you never want to live in a country in which an Alan Dershowitz cannot standup and powerfully challenge us to live by our laws and the principles of this nation.

By contrast, "Rabbi" Lerner is a closed system. Unable to see the genocide in the hearts of Israel's enemies