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'liberalism is a mental disorder as it ultimately causes the death of the host'-

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sorry....the facts as you see them as a child of victimologyI(who isn't a victim?).....we have different prospectives....victimology on a personal, community, state and federal level keeps people enslaved to the politics of irresponsibility which i consider a form of personal slavery. One of the few positive things to come out of the 60's(which has been completely distorted liberal fascism) is the overcoming of personal demons thru personal responsibility and charity. The left has been successful in taking the elements of class-struggle and generalized it to race, gender, sexual identity etc etc etc. The people who have gotten in line behind them are the real victims and thus have been enslaved by the very people and ideas that promise to free them(and of course money/capitalism is behind the real motives of these people). How human!

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sick..victimology is the slavery of today