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awesome! love the new look!

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our call of duty matches have been a blast. come join us.

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btw, i recommend clearing all data... it will get rid of all wishlist, season pass, hundreds of messages, etc. to insure fastest speed when the software updates. start fresh. johnnyp

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be patient with the software upgrade. it takes a long time... like 2 to 3 weeks. i don't know if it downloads part over the phone and part over satellite, but it takes a long time. i was impatient and thought i needed to zero out all data and reset it several times. i finally gave up, and then checked a week later and boom, version 6.4.something! now, my HR10-250 works better than ever. it's faster and has folder options. great for any standard definition (or ED) television. can't wait for the new DirecTV TiVo model next year.

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wow, i never saw that message with mine. here's to 1000 more days of TiVo goodness!

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oh btw, i set my iphone browser to the directv mobile page for the remote scheduler. i save it as a web app and boom, there you go. i think it only works on their newer non-tivo units.

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i think ecker has you beat. he hasn't connected in several years. i'll have to get a day count from him.

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dude i got stranded in victorville on the way back from a blizzard day trip at big bear... check out my pics: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=77525&l...

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ha! now i wish i saved my xbox hd-dvd player that i sold on ebay.

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i love this idea. i tend to 'get' a lot of things they talk about. this week, i really understood what they meant about the proper sandwich construction... bread and cheese forming a moisture barrier for the lettuce. also, waiting for a sniper to outbid you on an online auction. i feel that.