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I have one problem with your argument, which is consistent with what I have seen for at least two decades of technology tools and/in education -- that any one is supposed to be a silver bullet, which, if employed, would change education as we know it.

I am a middle school teacher and doctoral student investigating the impact of the XOs and Sugar on a group of five 5th-grade classrooms. The biggest impact we have seen so far is that the students are developing more autonomy and ownership for the learning environment itself.

Is this solely dependent upon the XOs and Sugar? These technology devices and their software have made this type of change to the classroom learning environment possible in an incredibly effective way.

Is this a revolution? Not yet. Does it have a possibility for some real change? I think so.

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"when we allow children to be active participants in their own learning using technology, it will not result in making the earth any “flatter” or “smaller” but rather will bring the universe to the minds of children."

I am a middle school science teacher and doctoral student studying the impact of the XOs and Sugar on a set of 5 5th grade classrooms. I couldn't agree more with your final comments (quoted above).

What I am seeing (and have heard anecdotally from other US deployments) is that the XOs/Sugar go a long way to create an environment where the students have taken more ownership for their learning. According to the teachers, this has transferred somewhat to non-XO/Sugar/Technology work as well.

It is here that I see results that go beyond a particular technology/laptop solution.