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Exceptional interview ! Christine Williams has a true understanding of the problems we are currently facing and most especially in the area of multicultural issues.. The equality afforded us by our founding documents cannot be subjugated by foreign beliefs. The lunacy of supplanting our freedoms for the constraints of a society one has left is startling .

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If you will notice I do believe that Bill OReilly is wrong in this situation. I do not argue that satire is free speech. What is happening to our Country in part because we will not denounce a goodly portion of Islamic values is horrendous. My point is , satire on a silly comedy show seems somehow to lend credence to a subject that is niether funny or laughable.

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Is your point that South Park is the proper venue to deal with this horrendous barbarianism?

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In my opinion I believe anyone's religion should be off limits, as should the mocking of underage children of news worthy personalities. I say this not as a free speech issue but rather as a matter of civility. These two things should be so offensive to our sensibilities that they would not sell.
It is very obvious that that is not the world in which we live. The double standards which plague our society are legion and O'Reily is helping make this yet another. Not a good thing Bill.

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Israel and the Muslim extremist will never peacefully co-exist. That is not the extremists future view.
Washington is almost completely anti Israel the evidence of that unfolds daily.
Israel will not fall because of America but sadly America may suffer greatly if we abandon Israel.

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The authors insight is undeniable. I would however point out that his reasoning is not contingent alone on the verse of Genesis he quotes. Genesis through the last of the Apostolic writings concerns the path of mankind.. I find it to be the road map containing all the wrong and right turns which points out bridges and pitfalls It is our eventual destination. If it is read and understood with an open heart it will be a beacon. Its validity cannot be proven by scholars to a closed heart, nor can it be changed by scoffers.

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Your solution is brilliant in its simplicity. Actually I should say it is Biblical in its simplicity. When the problem reaches "critical mass" the scales will be tipped in favor of liberty. This will be the outcome if we remain stalwart in our rejection of the leftist agenda that is bent on destroying the individual. So I guess it is up to us.

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Thank you for this article.
What a magnificent legacy Sarah has given her Dad.
I have read Radical Son and was more than impressed and enlightened by the story David told and the information he gave. The knowledge gained from reading this book opened many avenues of investigation. It also answered and finalized questions I have had for over forty years.
Now I must read Cracking of the Heart. These are trying times for all of us and an enlightenment from the heart for the heart will be welcome.

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I open my comment with the same sentiment used in concluding yours..
Our Founders realized that our three basic freedoms were inalienable rights freely given to all by a Creator, in their words Natures God. We all have these rights irrespective of any belief or religion.
Can one be a moral person without a belief in religion? I believe so. However it is my opinion that somewhere in the " reason " that differentiates us from the lower animals exists an understanding of Natures God and Natures Law.

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The vision of the campus radical of the `1960,s is now firmly entrenched in our Federal government.. Will the ideology of the disruptive college radicals of today be our leadership in Washington in the next forty years? History seems to point us in that direction. Sentiments like those in post number two will most likely shorten that time frame. Answers anyone?