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We should all burn Korans daily in front of every City Hall in America.

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The vast majority slaughtered during the Reign of Terror by the revolutionaries were peasants.

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even that $353 million in "cuts" is imaginary. They spent billions more than the previous year.

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You don't think government can monkey with GDP numbers?

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"There are a few emergency exceptions, such as allowing two-thirds of the House and Senate to suspend it for a specific reason for one year, with lower thresholds to respond to a military threat to our national security or an official, declared war against a specific nation (not some open-ended or global military operation)."

Of course they added exceptions. They will always override it. The TEA Party is a small part of the GOP in Congress, they will always be able to get their 2/3rds for passage of new deficits.

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I hope the new ad can undo the damage of the bogus ads

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He is pro-life this week. He was pro-choice, pro-government healthcare and pro-gay marriage in '99.

Interestingly these kinds of flip flops always seem to happen when people want to run for office.

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The comedy relief candidate.

He doesn't "stand" on issues very firmly.

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Dude, just because they say you are not a racist doesn't mean they won't continue to attack you as a racist.

Reminds me of the 2004 Presidential campaign where the Dallas newspaper admitted editorially that all of the National Guard allegations against George W Bush had been rehashed and there was nothing there, at the beginning of the campaign, this did not stop them from having almost daily Bush-AWOL stories on their front page AFTER they had editorially dismissed the claims.

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All of the Gaza suffering comes from the Palestinians