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A unitary state would upset the demographic balance and be the end of the Jewish state. Only Jews have voting rights, which make it an undemocatic state. Having said that; it is the only viable solution. That was the reason why the minority Jewish immigrants from the world wide diaspora expelled the majority Arab indiginous population from ther homeland. These terrorists (they were in fact described by the world press at the time as terrorists; as they also targetted the British) campaigns by the Haganah, Irgun and Stern gangs with smuggled weapons from abroad mainly eastern Europe was already ongoing long before the Zionists proclaimed their Jewish state in 1948. Prior to "48 the Arab population was about one milion (now living and their offspring in huge refugee camps in the West Bank and neighboring countries); the Jewish immigrants appr. 20% .
For more information read for instance: Ilan Pappe's "The ethnic cleansing of Palestine" or Philip C Winslow: "Victory to us is see you suffer" There are many other good books on the ME.

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 IntenseDebate Notification <DIV>Thanks for your comments. Don't take them too seriously; they were just off the cuff. I agree with most of your remarks.</DIV> <DIV>However I do think that there is a high percentage of open and veiled propaganda. Fox News in a way could be compared toGoebel's Nazi propaganda machine, although its far more sophisticated. It propagates a sort of pseudo- patriotism, which is dangerous especiallywith regardsthe young, vulnerable, naive and gulliblepeople. It has recently increased it's viewing audience by some 13 %. It's a worryingtrend. It's most probably also financed by the Zionist lobby. Zionist propaganda is active, highly organised and widespread; theworld Press, at any rate in the democracies of the West, is largely amenable to it; it commands many of the available channels for the dissemination of news, and more particularly those of the English speaking world. Arab propaganda for example is in comparison, primitive and infintely less successfull: Arabs have little of the skill, polyglottic ubiquity ofr financial resources which makes Jewish propaganda so affective. The result isthat forseveral decadesnow, the world has been looking mainly through Zionists spectacles and has, witting or unwittingly, aquired the habit of reasoning on Zionist premises.</DIV> <DIV>With kind regards,</DIV> <DIV>Tom</DIV> <DIV>New Zealand</DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV></DIV> <DIV style="FONT: 10pt arial">

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And you can be assured there will be many more to follow and Fox News will also be responsible for the carnage by telling you "to stay the course" and hence responsible for more killings of naive young American men and women.

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British statesmen like Ernest Bevin and Churchill warned at the time that splitting up Palestine into two states would lead to permanent war in the Middle East. To-day we know how right they were.
The only ealistic viable solution to peace in the ME can only be a UNITARY state as was envisage by the Britsish at the time.

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If you can't win, join them.

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Obama should call on the marines to dislodge the Zionists from occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank.

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This was predictable. Iraq has a huge unemployment problem, so in order to feed their families these young Iraqi guys join the "military", not out of patriotism, but solely because of the money they bring in. That is the wrong motivation. They are paid to be colaborators and without the protection of US soldiers they feel vulnerable. They are no match for the stronly motivated, patriotic resistance and many will even become turn coats once they no longer have the protection of the US military.

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If the whole of the West Bank were to become the proposed Palestinian "State" then the Jewish settlers in their hitherto illegal settlements will have to have Palestinian citizenship and no longer have the protection of the IDF. They also will have to be disarmed. A very interesting situation emerges. The settlers have the choice to return to Israel or stay and become Palestinian citizens, which they will not accept. Personal I think that a Palestinian "State" s a sheer pipedream, it will never happen and this war of artrition will continue for decades to come.

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The same as during the cold war years a balance of nuclear power in th e ME may well be the best way to preserve peace and prevent war in the ME.

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With regards the Nakba and the heinous crimes perpetrated by the Jews during the forcibly expulsion of some one million Palestinians I would strongly recommend reading "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" by Ilan Pappe, an historian and senior lecturer of Political science at Haifa University.