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this is going to be a big campaign issue much to the right's dismay. " remember drill baby drill"?????

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i believe that iran is the only country in the mideast that gives this generous benifit to transgendered individuals. put them in burqas and nobody knows the difference. iran's population only has 3% arabs. when i stated that there was a lot of arab queers out there i was referring to arab outright homosexual behavior everywhere. and there is a lot of it. they will deny and deny but the truth is a lot of them are queer.

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she makes perfect sense. if muslim women are exposed to this kind of behavior then israeli women living in arab lands should be treated the same. anybody out there have a number for how many israeli women live in arab lands??? i personally know two american jewish women who were raped by muslim men while traveling through france 50 years ago. in italy during ww2 arab men fighting along side the americans were
were notorious for this kind of behavior (gang rape) this woman (sounds like she is the phylis schlafly of egypt) should be more concerned about the rights of muslim women than extending this sick behavior toward israeli women. but as more muslim women become better educated sexual harrassment laws will come into existence. constant exposure to the west is key. on the other hand i think muslim men have a real problem when it comes to expressing their sexuality. muslim men have had more homosexual experiences than men of other faiths. thats right , there a lot of arab queers out there and nobody talks about it. but it will eventually become hot news and you will see some serious changes for both men and women in muslim society.

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because they are smarter.

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hate to break it to you but with university atmosphere you have exchanges of ideas and points of view that may border physical confrontations and assaults. i went to one of the most radical institutions in the late 60's and witnessed events similar to you 40 years earlier. this was not anti-war rhetoric but israel palestine politics. almost daily occurrences. you indeed learn a lot by watching and participating in the debate. experiences that you will never forget. the only difference is that is are palestinian students in different parts of the country and the internet. just remember that the highly strung guy who almost punched you is probably waiting for his uncle to die so he can inhertit his corner grocery store. his views will drastically change when he realizes he needs others to make a living. nothing new here at all no matter what the above comments claim.

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only ugly chicks should be forced to wear the niqab. muslim men are not very smart. is there a pattern here.???

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boy you hurt easy. have you ever wondered what muhhamed ever looked like?? was he fat or skinny. short or tall. good looking or ugly. muslims better establish a portrait of some kind soon or all that will be out there will be those cartoons. freedom of speech meets freedom of religion. that is the price you pay for believing in a backward religion from a backward part of the world.

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the only reason that evangelical christians are interested in israel is because christ was born there. when the muslim threat simmers you will have a christian threat. in the back of their minds they would like israel a christian nation. be careful who you select as friends.

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like it or not burqas actually serve a purpose . of course ugly women will love them but how many women would actually wear one simply having to avoid wearing makeup.?? come on now girls be honest now. you don't always want to spend time making yourself presentable when you could slip one of these babies around your face. think about it. i am sure some clever person some day will try to market them in this manner. lose the religious aspect and replace it with the right to privacy. it is non of our business what your face looks like.

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you can't draw muhammed if you are a muslim. since i am not i can draw him anytime i want. what a great idea. i wish i would have thought of it. everyone should do it. with practice i am sure i could come up with a pretty good portrait. we should have a contest with prize money of course.