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The post provides a very realistic approach towards brand building. Many people consider the social media as a brand promotion tool, but don't know how to do that properly that results in just the opposite.
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Sometimes there is a thin line between what is creative and what is not creative. It's hard to stay creating when work pressure is mounting. I feel, it's all about being systematic and approaching the tasks ahead with a positive attitude.
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If one is driven by passion then I think it can make a great difference that could bring a great change in one's own leadership skills.
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Adding widgets is a good option for increasing user engagement in a blog.

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Only few people recognize the importance of protecting data. Many of these data that escapes due to our ignorance is causing a great harm for ourselves. The importance of a personal shredder is now more and more felt.

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An application is more expensive than modifying your existing website for mobile browser compatibility. Using media queries, one could make a web application compatible.

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Keblon19, You said it right. Online writing is very much associated with the keyword research. Using appropriate keyword for highly targeted audience is the key to success here.
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Great leaders are evolved. It take time and patience to emerge as a great leader, who are able to dictate their leadership skills to direct their followers.
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The main criteria one should keep in mind while developing these apps is that they require to work on minimum resources without draining precious battery power.
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Logos are the first place to start brand promotion. Cleverly designed Logos crafted with a passion are thought provoking. They bring more brand promotion than any other methods. Creative logos are a great way to reach out your potential customers.
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