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Hi ya Joe, I'll add it's a good idea to buy two cans - one to practice with so you're familiar how to use it and its range. I didn't come up with that idea myself - got it from a survivalist expert when I attended a week-long class of his in Montana. Was a blast.

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I'm guessing the vandals will be back. Hopefully someone is monitoring the area.

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Now that's a pretty good example of trolling. Troll wanna-be types should take note.

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That really depends on other people - you know, those who don't need evidence to support their opinions.

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I'm more concerned about what's wrong with someone who would make such a comment instead of posting something worth reading.

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I'll give you some credit for a fairly good example of trolling. Not great, I've seen better but overall not too bad. I'll rate it a 6 out of 10.

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I'm surprised. The quality of their clothing seems to have really dropped. The last two coats I purchased there have had issues with zippers breaking and the seams of inside pockets fraying badly. The selection of business casual pants during the anniversary sale seemed poor.

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I really miss my bike. We have some really beautiful riding routes with everything you'd want. Nothing better than a curvy road with trees on both sides and snow covered mountains in the distance. Dunno about riding in SD Mike - my Washington instincts wouldn't let me split the lanes. People would laugh at me stuck in traffic while sitting on a bike.

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I guess we know why they were trying to unload it - buyer beware eh?

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Thanks, Lake - I totally skipped the small print footnotes. Well just as you said - I can't believe he's getting any money after making that deal. Just unbelievable. Too bad the officer couldn't maintain his professionalism (but I totally understand why).