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For me, the ending of this clip didn't ruin the general idea. The babies are trying to define their genders through wacky details --such as their baldness or their personalities-- and their genitalia is just another arbitrary thing they use to determine their gender. I don't know if the filmmakers meant it this way, but I think this scene can be read as poking fun at the silliness of sex-->gender.

And... I love that movie! There's even a part about a little boy, Billy, who wants a doll (although I didn't agree with that scene's end message)

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I like the hair!

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Great photo! And facial expression.

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Oh, yeah! I love this song, and these butches all look awesome.

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This film was painful to watch -- but only because it does such a good job of telling Caleb's story. I also liked the perspective from the "other side".

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Wow, I think it's great that you can accept any pronoun as an interpretation of your appearance, especially since "to love yourself for who you are is one of the hardest things to do in life."

Actually, I love everything you said :)

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My mom used to do this, too: if she could find a label that said "for girls", then any kind of clothing became acceptable. It's like she trusted the manufacturer to set standards for gender.

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I love the Lesbian Dad blog! I've been following it for a while now; it was one of the first sites I found by someone with a non-traditional gender. Go Baba!

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Aw. I want to hug you.

I often feel like I'm disappointing my parents, too. I try to believe that being whoever I am is the best way to appreciate the life they gave me. I hope that, eventually, they'll see that I'm happy. I wish that's enough to make them happy also.

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¡Hi Rory!