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Family will always come first. I would have to make my decision based on the person that showed up. If it was a neighbor and I felt I could keep them at arms length I may help. But if it was a complte stranger God would have to move me to help because I wouldn't be hospitable otherwise. I would not want to put my family into harm's way to aid somone else.

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I prefer the 9mm simply for cost and recoil. I also believe that in a ptshtf scenario, 9mm may be more easily found than .45. Just remember that any handgun is you last line of defense. They are called sidearms for a reason, because they are not a primary weapon.

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I really don't care if the world sees us as fat and lazy. I mean really, I could give a rip about the other dog munching countries and the rioting people in France, Germany, denmark, and Greece. Maybe I should car about the human cargo smuggling people of south america? How about the AIDS ridden people of Africa who won't eat the yak they bathe in the community drinking water, but will allow teir children to starve? I really don't care how other countries see us. If they hate us so much, Maybe they should stay away!

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You can push that point when you start denying insurance to all of the drug addicts in Seattle. No free needles, no free bus fare, no free condoms, no money for aids research (it's a risky lifestyle don't you know), etc. Why do people want freedom to debase themselves, but want to penalize others for their way of life? Not so tolerant huh? How about if you eat it and get fat, you reap what you sow, diabetes and high blood pressure? How about you're a heroin addict, you shoot up with rusty needles you've had and die from blood poisoning? How about letting people reap their is consequesces.

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You're right, there were committment cerimonies long ago. So you have uncovered that this is not about a committment to someone else, it's another agenda. Any couple could sign power of attorney so they can make medical decisions for another, and I agree with that. What this comes down to is money and power. People want each piece of the pie they can get from the government and they want to be accepted as a mainstream lifestyle. Sorry, but homosexuality is not mainstream. It may seem like it when you're in the same circles, but mainstream America is not gay. It's very simple. Live your life the way you want, just don't force me to say it's a common lifestyle and don't have a teacher teach children in school that it's a normal lifetsyle either. because it's not.

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How do you get to speak for Christians? Why would you mention forgiveness? Have gay couples done something to require forgiveness? People who observe the gay lifestyle just need to realize that they are the over all minority and deal with it. I believe the last number from the previous census showed the gay population at 15% of the total number of citizens in the US. If you want to be a commited couple fine, make your other a complete legal guardian and make sure alimony and child suppport are also required when a failed relationship happens. Yet still, don't expect everyone to accept a fringe lifestyle. Do what you want, don't push it off on others to accept. And as for God creating gays, he also created the devil, which proves we all have a free will.

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Thank God we are still free enough to speak out and act out if need be. However, I would like to see some of the people who would restrict out rights flogged publicly.

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Don't be fooled people. What we are looking at is our new health care system in it's infancy. Obesity is simply a loop hole they will use to deny benifits to citizens. Can't you just see it? "Well if you can't take care of your weight why should we take care of you." How about other health care risky behaviors?

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I know some people say we don't know if he's paying the bill with tax money, but really? If he is getting use of the vacation spot from a friend or contributor isn't that part of the political problem? Secondly, even if the vacation spot is paid for by someone else, the tax payers are still paying for the secret service detail and the extra measures they will need to take to secure a previously unsecure location. If Obama went to camp david there would be security proceedures already in place. I don't know the full cost of the vacation, the article speculates it could be as high as $50,000. When we start adding up the night outs at $20,000, and vacations posts at $50,000 we start to to see that we are paying (in one way or another) for a huge upgrade in lifestyle for those folks. Heck I'd like to drive a car bulit sometime in the last decade, but I'll make do with what I have since no one pays my way except me.

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Have any of you notified how since Bush left office the nightly news death toll for the Iraq war has stopped? I mean it was important enough to lead the news each and every night. I wonder why it ended? But there is no media bias right?