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Lets not forget that it is all a work of fiction - one man's fantasy (of how horrible men are and how heroic women are). Let us also remember that Stieg Larsson left the fortune he earned from this violence exploitation trilogy to his brothers - not his fellow feminist female life partner.

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Two observations:
1. This is a hate crime since Mr. Garcia is Hispanic and the criminals are ..not.
2. Mr.Garcia needs to arm himself - and preferably have a buddy watching his back who is also armed.
Oh so very sad. It didn't have to be this way.

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We will miss you Andrew.
When I think of you, I think of courage.

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For those of you who may have forgotten, Afghanistan and the Taliban are the people who in the year 2001 destroyed two ancient (circa 500 AD) Buddha statues.
There is no excuse for this or mitigating circumstances for these actions. It is evil and a strike at all of humanity and civilization.
This is who we are dialing with.

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After Ms. Power performs at her gig in Ramallah, I encourage her to organize a Gay Pride parade in the same town.

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Thank you Mr. Itinerant Grammarian.

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Nancy Pelosi - this is how it works.
We (Catholics) recognize that we are sinners.
One of the purposes of the Church is to hold the line on moral teachings for living as Christians.
When people in the Church cross that line, it does NOT mean that it is time to move the line - it means that the individual needs to take action to become a better Christian.

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The demonization and destruction of Sara Palin continues to be a high priority for leftists.

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You have a religion that you don't call a religion - it's a belief system which you are very proud of. You also appear to be proselytizing. Apparently the people in your belief system smarter than the people in all the other belief systems.
Good for you.

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I used to dislike NPR for being agenda driven. Now after seeing this display by Mara Liason, I absolutely loathe NPR for being agenda driven and smarmy at the same time.