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You're very welcome Sofia! Thanks for the wonderful experience.

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We heard of Spello, but not Bevagna. In your opinion, what makes either or both of these locations worth visiting?

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Wink, you're very kind to leave such a glowing comment. And you're right, Italy is truly a gem, a country that literally sweats rich and vibrant culture. There are so many places to explore in this world, and so many wines and foods to discover, that I can only hope our adventures are only beginning ;)

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Judith, it was a pleasure to meet you there as well! And hopefully, we have more time to chat next time our paths cross, whether it's in Gubbio or another region entirely :)

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How cool is that?! I'm elated that you were able to derive something useful from this post! And if you have any brilliant ideas of subjects you want us to cover, never hesitate to pipe up. We're always open inspiration :)

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Point well taken! And I've changed the post accordingly. THanks!

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Glad you had such a great time. We truly wish we could have been there, albeit a little out of our niche, it would have been a great experience to extend both our friendships and our palates. Look forward to your write-up!

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I had too, as I fall into the same category ;-)

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From my understanding, it's a batch number for the labels. The label only has a 5 digit numerical code, which requires the consejo to add letters as well. Therefore, whenever 10,000 bottles are labeled, they need to change the lettering/numbering for quality control and tracking purposes, in much the same way a serial code functions for your car.

As for the hologram, it is intended to change to a funky "designer" hologram in October/November of 2009. What that exactly means? No idea, but when it comes out, we'll be sure to let you know ;-) I hope that helps.

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Trish, Clearly it depends on where you are located, but if you are Stateside, you may want to check out the Spanish Tienda ( Mind you, El Gaitero is not a "traditional" dry cider, but it's tasty all the same. If you're located elsewhere, let us know and we'll see if we can't hunt some down for you :-)