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hawaii is one place i've always wanted to live!

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far from a keri hilson fan, i can't even name one of her songs, but this post fails at snark & satire when you wish death on someone..

chances are, one of keri songs that she has written and has publishing rights to (which you make more $$ off of than platinum albums) is on each and every one of your ipods/mp3 players.

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awww happy bday to your son!
i can't wait for mine to get that age! he's already plotting on a car..and he's only 10 lol

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exactly..everyone who knows me..knows that hwsrn has been the object of my affection..lol!
yes carla..you had no excuse either..but that's ok..you'll make it up to me..i'm sure

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Married men? Who the hell/what the hell are you talking about? LMAO! Last time I've checked the only man I've placed in value in is not married..you're barking up the wrong tree :)Sent from my BlackBerry®www.fungkeblakchik.com

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it's just not a good week...

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a lot of ppl aren't happy about that at all...

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I have my double standards I adhere to on a regular basis.

Yes I pass gass & take dumps at work, but I get pissed off when I hear other ppl doing it..lol

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wake me when the season is over with!