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Thomas Jefferson had some serious foresight.. It's a good thing that he wasn't here to see the whole thing hit the crapper in a short couple of hundred years. Politicians who pay lip service during their reelection campaigns, using words like freedom, liberty and rights, should be reminded that we are well aware that our rights have been reduced to privileges that are conditionally granted.So they needn't bother with the BS speech... We are programed into complacency, Independence day is coming up and our leaders will again use it to drive home their BS that "we are a great nation.. blah, blah blah..", Phony parades, and phony flag waving by uneducated, uninformed, and uncaring Americans who are willing to sellout their rights... People picnicking in state parks, built with federal money, driving on roads built with federal money, in cars that will soon be built with federal money.. July 4th,Washington DC will look like Pyongyang.. the only ones buying into their Bullsh!t are the party leaders and members, drones
invited to make a show to further the propaganda that we are a freedom loving nation
Explain to me the Celebration of Independence day again? because July 4th is nothing more then just another meaningless Holiday... yeah, I know my rights.. I know my rights are gone.

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Oh to be sure, The right has no problem with government, interference either Not just the war on drugs, but the abortion issue. Abroad, American conservatism challenges
the world as we press for countries to open their markets, abandoning their own conservative Ideals, They push to Americanize the rest of the world.

there certainly are no easy answers. But I would support a 3rd party, one that promotes scaling back our foreign policy and supports going back to the Constitution.

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I find it interesting that the big government progressive crowd that supports tolerance towards radical groups namely, Radical Islam, don't understand that they would be the first to be muzzled, persecuted, and put to death for their liberal views..." Be careful what you wish for" seems to be a fitting phrase.

Also concerning health care, I wonder if Some of the more out spoken Hollywood stars who are disease stricken.. ( pick one ) are in favor of allowing Big government to dictate who, when and what type of treatment they receive?... I also wonder if Jim Brady is as firm on government dictating his medical future as he is on Government dictating the public's gun rights?..

I find that Liberals make the best cherry pickers.

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A constituents vote Back in the days of Horatio Bunce and Crockett actually meant something. Today's Politicians skirt their constituents by seeking the money and voting block of special interests. Had Crockett's election been funded and supported by the "Georgetown community action committee" he would have ignored Bunce.

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Great theory terry,

I think a lot of the problem has been our complacency in the way our country has been run. Public Schools taught us about the founding fathers, convienantly picking and choosing the juiciest of colorful information that led to our Independence..... and then we sit back and rest on our Laurels.. At Home we celebrate the 4th of July,.. enjoying the fruits from the challenges and risks that our founding fathers took to put this country on the map... and we again rest on our laurels...Our Local community, and Religious Institutions, although well meaning, push the latest politically correct issue, whether it be the welfare of children, community volunteer work, or some other charitable cause, yet you never see them embrace the idea of independence from Federal intervention such as organizing local programs to financially support a project so federal intervention isn't necessary.

We are never taught that Freedom and Liberty are an ongoing fight. That we need to be diligent in recognizing situations that can and will snatch our freedom from us, or that it is done by staying actively involved in our local communities with the emphasis on self reliance. A Model of this mentality is the Mormons.

For far to long we have as Americans, have boasted of our freedoms and liberites, resting on the back of our founding fathers, we here our Politicians pay lip service to freedom and Liberty, all the while selling us out in DC.

If we as Americans could manage to muster up half of what the Iranians have over their election, we would be in a 180 degree spin back to where we were. It makes me wonder at the end of the day just how much backbone Americans really have.

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I don't have a problem with the nine principles, as long as I am free to define god in my own way. If I chose to define god as a fresh pot of coffee in the morning that should be my choice.

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God forbid this things gets out of hand and spreads, thus directly competing with the corupt and inflated dollar. We wouldnt want a new monetary system that actually WORKED would we? These towns and cities should be trading their money for gold and not Dollars, get back to where we should be.

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Okay so at the risk of sounding like a wet blanket.. whats the point of giving our elected leaders ideas and proposals?.. they just ignore them. What is needed is a change..SERIOUS change. Massive protests, people fed up with the current system by the millions.Tax revolts, not just protests Peaceful resistance against more taxes, more spending and bigger government, on a massive scale. Until that happens, until we as Americans get fed up with BOTH party's it's all lipstick and makeup on our failing Lady Liberty.. we need to shift away from the same old tired two party's and try something else.

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I carry concealed everyday, and believe that everyone should have that option. The day it becomes illegal to protect myself is the day I become a criminal.. Just like our founding fathers