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Persistence is the only thing separating success from failure by most measures. Carry on...

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It's funny. I hadn't been noticing that as much and so I thought it had died down. Turns out I've tuned them out. My eyesight blurs when I see it on twitter, I click past before the page finishing loading when I hit a website. My brain seems to be establishing it's own spam filter that operates at a level I'm not paying attention to. Maybe that's what will help in general. Folks craving attention will alter tactics when attention is not given.

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I'm so much happier since I've stopped listening to forecasts for the most part. One too many 'storm of the century' alerts drove me over the edge. Now I occasionally get surprised by the rain or kept back by a snowfall, but this is so much better than the worry such things will happen. If bad weather is but 10% of the outlook I really can feel good about assuming each day will be pretty good and face only occasional distress when it isn't.

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I have similar difficulty with day dreaming. Although the daydreams are mildly directed vs the crazy stuff that I recall at waking. I've always wondered if it was partly a self defense mechanism going on where the noggin takes one look and says

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It's an interesting shift I hadn't been thinking about. At the earlier part of our transition from paper to telephone to digital historians and such were all fearing the loss of diaries and surviving errata that would be useful to understanding (giving us various acts of congress for preserving political discourse at least.) Now the problem is the reverse. Rather than the random surviving packet of letters or diary the thoughts of millions to sift through. I wonder if the relationships between the thoughtwriters becomes more important with this environment. A lone cry in a digital wilderness may be interesting only to the extent it is RT on Twitter? Makes me feel the need to be more interesting.

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You either use a new awareness or it dulls with time. My sessions on mountaintops in the Rockies from decades ago are still a vivid set of memories that pop up at unexpected times. Often they resurface to push me towards a goal..."maybe this will be like that" type moments.

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So glad the explore is meeting expectations. I have fond memories of Yellowstone and have often wished a return visit.

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Sometimes the most difficult choices are when both paths are right. You know they end in very different places but each are equally desirable. The only wrong choice is not making the choice...

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Congrats Richard. Your blog quickly came part of my reading habit. Thanks for the dose of inspiration and knowing.

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Are we simply searching for security, either through ownership or circle?

Pity about the fences and signs. Always seemed to me that property owners would be better off in general if all allowed free passage and enjoyment. Of course that depends on those passing through being courteous enough not to intrude.