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Wow. Never thought I'd read such an obviously biased article from the editors? How's that for objectivity. Try this for a story you depressingly out-to-lunch writers....... The cons track record is abysmal and the fact that the economy is recovering by no help from them, but of course they will take credit for it should be cause for alarm bells. Instead you write a piece about how things are better left as they are???? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

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Election about nothing? Dennis, while you criticize Harper critics, take a good look at a Harper supporter such as yourself who's lost all objectivity. Are you going to tell me that in the last three years your precious Harper hasn't made mistakes? In the eyes of the world, Canada is seen as a bottom-dweller in regards to environmental concerns. A ballooning deficit, with the best banking system in the world, that goes way beyond what a recession would cause due to favourable spending for propping up his party. An approach to politics that is anti-democratic by muzzling his own ministers.....that's just the appetizers. Care for dinner?

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you Dakota. A naysayer to anything that goes against the thin fabric of logic or possible objectivity floating around in said brain. Example: Using 'tin foil hat' in every rebuttal. Do us a favour and log off.

443 weeks ago @ - Harper’s recovery? · 0 replies · +2 points clown, read. I'm not with Ignatieff. Not with Harper either. Man, it's Canadians like yourself that are setting us back. Who can't agree that politics in this country have become a contest of flinging mash potatoes. breathe, and before you respond with a dim-witted comment, think about what i am saying.

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wow Dakota.....I'm usually left-thinking but I at least have the objectivity to understand that what's best for this country is best for all of us in the end. I was hoping that Iggy would come in and clean up our government's mess but now am frustrated with a lacklustre performance he and his team have put up. You, on the other hand, are running around with your conservative pom-poms without even a clue as to how this minority government has done no good for this country. Grow a think Harper gives a sh*t about you?

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Is it me or does Macleans seem to love them some conservatives? Harpers recovery? C'mon, we have the most mediocre panel of clowns representing all parties. The polls change every day so stop wasting time writing these momentary tiresome stories.

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Talented politician? lol.....Please tell me that's your dry sense of humour that just isn't translating well. Glen, c'mon ol' boy, you need to turn Fox News off and walk away from the T.V.

449 weeks ago @ - Cutting too deep · 0 replies · 0 points you SAD, simple human being, put down the banjo and go do a little's all there for you.

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Even scarier is the prospect of Canadians depending on the U.S., in the long term, to help us protect this abundance of fresh water. Unfortunately, how do you think we'll be re-paying them? We'll be the Georgia to their Russia.