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Obama was not very quick to look after this, I wonder if he will rethink offshore drilling.I was wondering where green peace was, or where the banners they keep hanging are.I guess as the messiah is in charge, they won't worry.

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I did wonder myself. Perhaps they are just tired of the non issues that the opposition keeps raising.

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When the libs pay us back, then we might forget.Until then, they are doomed never to lead this country.They have never owned Adscam

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Bleeding heart left, did they fight

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He should not be twittering at all..He was premier of BC when I lived there, and he was not bright enough to look after that province.

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Liberal MP Dosanji has already proven that, when he was caught twittering information out from a confidential committee meeting.

Heaven help our troops if all the sensitive information is released to the Liberals. Dosanji will prove once and for all that votes are more importent to his party than Canadian soldiers' lives.

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The Canadian Forces work for the in power government, whoever they may be, not for all opposition parties. To release sensitive military documents to opposition parties, who only goal is political gain, is dangerous and shameful. I am not happy with a party, determined to break up Canada looking at them, thats for sure

I'd love to see an election called on this issue.Do you honestly think for one minute that Canadians favour Afghan terrorists over their own sons and daughters?

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It doesnt seem to be working for Rae or the angry Mulcair.For one thing PM Harper is not the sort of man to be interested in this type of thing, let the libs bang away every -single- day.It looks like the recent polls dont care for this kangaroo court of nobodies.

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I love it.,

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Kitty Kelly was proven a liar when she appeared on Bill O'reillys show.He told her points in her book- about him were wrong-.very wrong.I am amazed these scandal type books are being purchased new.You can find them in any garage sale for 25 cents or less.