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Fantastic news !

Now I'll be able to rapidly distribute all photos and videos assembled from our mountain bikers back to the group at the end of our bike raids.

I've really been waiting for this technology, because DVD distribution is hopelessly falling short, with the present capacity that is available, and asking them to bring external hard drives is a bit too much for most.

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I've been driving my TWIKE electric vehicle for 10 years now :
It fully charges in about an hour if need be. Normally, I charge it overnight at lower rates. Electricity costs are about a third of a euro (half a dollar) per 100km.
It is absolutely true that you need to plan charging stations and periods differently from the way you are used to with fuel combusting vehicles. But it is totally worth it !!! Even if I am running low on batteries, I usually manage to get to my destination by pedalling (yes, a TWIKE is a true hybrid : it burns electricity AND carbs !) And if that is not enough, I just stop and ask. I charged my batteries at a french fries stand in Brussels, at a tourist shop near Liège, at a wedding party in Antwerp, and in a soccer canteen during the first half (just drove right it to the bar, where their only power outlet was situated). I asked an old lady tending her front garden to charge my batteries and she was delighted : her husband was inside dying of cancer and besides the doctor and her family, I was the first visitor in a long time to drop by. We had a wonderful talk.
It is true that electricity is polluting by proxy. But not if you take a green power contract with your power supplier, as I did. Whatever I pay the company has to be re-invested in the construction or maintenance of durable power generation (wind, water, bio...)
Power lines are lossy. They lose about half the energy along the way. So it is better to generate the electricity you need as nearby as possible. Hence the boom in electrovoltaics.
Bottom line : traditional fuels are going the way of the dodo anyway. Hydrogen power is very costly to produce. Soon we'll all be calculating and planning our next trip. At least until a fast-charging battery comes up. Sony is said to have one that charges in 2 minutes. That's about the time it takes to "fill it up". Consider contraception : some decades ago, women had to take their temperature and look at the calendar. Then came the pill. Both methods are effective, if applied correctly. But technology will drive the future, as it is driven itself by convenience. Enjoy your fuel combusting cars while they last. There will be a transitional period, and then something will occur which will make you reluctant to ever step in such a stinky noisy death trap again.