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I was still weighing if it's a series worth continuing my time so I definitely felt the double length feature when I first watched it - but I can certainly say I don't regret it. I am so enjoying the S2 as we speak!

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Haha hope you enjoy it!

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Is there really an ultimate truth though? It's hard to pin point these things about reality when there are sometimes exceptions to rules that we humans have established.

What the heck did you just link? ahaha, Tbh though, I haven't seen hardcore role players in games bec I usually play with people I know in real life. I haven't had phase where I was playing alone since I go along through invitations - therefore I don't see people embarrass their selves this much.

I should totally pick up hack sign franchise. lol at the hi~~ bye~~~ and the I can go the distance song

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I think SAO charms me more than Log Horizon because the characters are past the point of role-playing, unlike in LH. They (and the viewers) know who they are both in the virtual world and real world which makes the interaction among the characters more diverse. The downside however is that some people may see that side of it as mundane. I for one, enjoy it when the scenery changes and happens outside of the virtual world.

In contrast, LH sticks to its guns and uses the concept of RP as its selling point, which I found very good too, it's just that, sometimes, I want to see more of what the characters really are besides their Elder Tale avatars. This was slightly touched in the case of the 3 main characters albeit very minimal so I didn't feel satisfied.

Oh, and I agree that SAO as the title is such a misnomer!!

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"Though, if you think about it, most of us already knew that we were just using up our remaining free time before real life kicks in." - my early years was because of this, most probably... but you really miss it even if you're busy, that's why I keep on coming back. However, I no longer have that tenacity to be all around the blogosphere to read, comment, stalk and compare thoughts - you know what I'm talking about. I don't see rss readers helpful to be very honest. Do you use one?

I don't think aniblogs became obsolete, I guess when those picture spam mediums became a fad (i'm looking at you Tumblr), the actual writing simply got shoved out of the window... Not sure what happened along the way but... yes 2 years ago, you'll find me checking out every interesting titles. Now, you only see me watching DRRR S2, Aldnoah S2, Shirobako and Log Horizon. I no longer have the patience to try out obscure titles that won't make me tick.

I'm hoping the same good fortune for you and I'm glad I was able to inspire you! Bring Neonovic back! :)

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Thank you Kitsune for adding me in your blogroll!! I just had my annual performance rating and I'm pretty satisfied with it so I guess bringing home some wasn't that too bad, again, work/life balance (more like, "work/life-compensate-when-you-have-time" for me). Oh, and you wouldn't believe how many times I've visited your site just to monitor if there was a small speck that changed -- that would mean you still exist on the other side. Really glad that you're back :)

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Hey welcome! and thanks!

That's something I over looked. I guess when Gainax says aliens, what comes into my mind are the angels, and then the anti-spirals from TTGL. Now that you've said it that way -- you're right, you can interpret the word alien that way as well -- and it would perfectly fit the theme of the series.

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You know, when I wasn't able to blog, I really really badly wanted to. I even always have this site's Dashboard pinned in Chrome but I hardly, really had the time to visit and refresh the site stats!

And I don't know, Blogging at home, with your own PC just feels different if you're trying to blog at work, with onlookers everywhere (private cubicles are not famous here). I can't even browse for pixiv decently. I can't imagine how other people can sort out stuff on their mind, especially aniblog outside of their "base".

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oh, I remember that one having OVA released few seasons back. Do I have to watch those? and what's the difference with the series? I'm tempted to try Yowamushi but.. I'm just not into bikes.

You would need to marathon the 2 seasons of Valvrave I think. S1 hardly made sense, and S2 is just about to. Don't ask me why I'm watching it weekly, lol.

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Thank you Mint! Sigh. I hope they make a S2 soon. I really prefer this than Working.

Currently liking Samurai Flamenco, Golden Time, Kyoukai no Kanata and Kill la Kill. Unless I missed something interesting. I'm also watching Coppelion, Galilei Donna, IS 2, Log Horizon, Valvrave S2 and Nagi no Asukara, but I'm not really thrilled on those.

Did I miss anything "must see" ??