Fantasy BBall Dugout

Fantasy BBall Dugout


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Certainly, I don't see Bautista going as the top pick in MANY drafts, but we get (and like) Eric's logic of looking for a first-rounder with some upside instead of simple dependability.

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That would be Kim DeJesus -

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Phil: Thanks for signing up for the H2H league. And yes, if you can\'t make the live draft, your team will be autodrafted for you.

Although, to be fair, you must not be THAT interested in beating us if you\'re going to use autodraft. LOL!

Good luck.

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Stubbs was our no. 14 player on our list from 2011. This list is of the top 27 players born from January 1 through December 31, 2012.

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Yeah, that's me in the no. 1 shirt! WHAT!

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Vegas obviously doesn't know about Anne Erler, the trick-shot, dual threat QB of the Chill. She put up 3 TDs (one of which was a 47-yard scamper) in the 3pt loss to Minnesota in week 1. The Mist have all the buzz because of Rypien, but the Chill have some weapons. This is easily the most intriguing matchup of the LFL season (so far). Pray for multiple wardrobe malfunctions as well!

Oh, and if we're all plugging our own LFL sites in our comments, too... check out my site about Lingerie football, too. Thanks!

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Thanks for the info...

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Yeah, you're giving up a HR-hitting catcher, the most dependable closer out there, a 5-tool player, and a talented OFer. I say hold on this one.

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COSFA already follows Jonathan Bentz on Twitter. #justsayin

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I haven't done any formal research on this - and I hate to question athletes and the legitimacy of their stats - but is it fair to question Bay's past as performance enhanced? I understand he's had some injury issues - but to only produce 9 HRs in 160 games over the course of two seasons is not just under performing - it's a complete outlier. The guy averaged just over 30 HRs a year in around 149 games per season the previous 6 campaigns before coming to the Citi. I get that the Citi isn't as HR-friendly as Fenway - but that's a dramatic decline for a guy only turning 32 this season.