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I don't agree with Bob much, but he has just articulated what ought to be our common ground. The government is not to be trusted to determine who the bad guys are except out in the light of day.

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Bob continues to miss the fact that the encampments in Cairo were not at all peaceful. Not to excuse the military's response, but the idea that one side is democratic and the other not is so wrong it borders on professional negligence.

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"Nice Muslim" simply means asymptomatic Muslim. One can indeed be a peaceful, decent person and a Muslim. But such a person carries a deadly, evil ideology, whether he expresses it himself or merely helps it propagate to the next generation. The "nice Muslim" is actually more dangerous exactly because of this.

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Sir, Your probem is easily solved. Put all your evidence of anti-muslim atrocities on the web. I will wait.


Still waiting....

When you find a video of Christians gang raping a women while reciting the Nicean Creed or maybe the Lord's Prayer, let us all know.

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The rationale in the DOJ memo is disingenuous. We have precedence in FISA for how to provide honest judicial review of very difficult and sensitive cases. If Obama were even remotely concerned about civil rights and rule of law, he would ask congress to help establish a special court for this. You can bet that even the republican House would get on board with that. Like FISC, it would mostly defer to the administration, but it would also keep a watch on possible abuse. But of course, Obama has nothing but contempt for the constitution and rule of law.

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Foxx complains about having to "be white" when he leaves the house, presumably to work. And who does he work amongst? Those lovely Hollywood liberals. Maybe he should try working in an non-racist industry.

And by the way, just for the record, I am not a fan of Ritz crackers either.

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Multiculturalism is not exactly the problem. Rather it is the age old problem that charity - often translated to mean tolerance - is, like all virtues, easily perverted. This is a spiritual problem for the Danes: how to ride along on the moral capital of the West without God. Experience, right back to the Torah, suggests that a revival of belief in, and reliance on, the one true God is Europe's only hope. We cannot fight a spiritual evil with secular tools.

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Can you think of a single Spielberg movie that portrays Americans in an affectionate light? Think of ET and its dystopic view of suburbia. It has been obvious for a long time that the man is contemptuous of the very people who have made him wealthy. In other words, he is just another Hollywood type.

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Push back is starting, but it will take time. Right now, donors whose gut tells them something is wrong are, unfortunately, not up to the task of articulating the problem. And the walls that "University Advancement" teams have built between donors and faculty prevent the sort of interaction and alliance making that could help.

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Forbidding ...., behaviors such as smoking or selling cigarettes;

So mayor Bloomberg would feel right at home.