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542 weeks ago @ Flyleaf Online - Remember To Live · 2 replies · +2 points

This is 100% not the Ben Moody remix. Just a sped up higher pitch version of Arise.

545 weeks ago @ Flyleaf Online - REMEMBER TO LIVE EP · 2 replies · +2 points

HHL will be released as a separate track on the day of the EP's release. :)

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Aw, I love that they didn't really make it a big, fancy production. Lacey has her normal every day makeup on, her straight hair and her chucks. Its been a while since she's been like that in a video. :] The videos pretty adorbz with the smiles and general good feeling of it.

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DIRICK IS SO AWESOME. I think I'll make a fan site for him. DIRICKONLINE.COM where you can listen to his music 24/7.

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Lovelovelove the imagery in this video. It reminds me a little of Fighter by Christina Aguilera, and that's one of my favorites. It's a little weird, but weird is good.

I also love Lacey's facial expressions when she's carrying the girl on her shoulders. Haha

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It reminded me a lot of Dig for sure, but it's missing the part where the band is performing. I think it would have really enhanced it, and brought the video from super simple into something awesome.

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I don't know why you keep asking the same question on each post with a different name, but I guess that's irrelevant. I already answered your question here: It's at the bottom of the page.

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That might have been what she said back in February, but the plans have changed since then. The band is releasing an EP with a bunch of new stuff on it. I promise, I wouldn't put it on the site if it weren't true/confirmed. The only reason I said anything about what it might be is because a lot of people are getting their hopes up about having a brand new record sometime soon, which isn't happening. I went to a few shows a couple weeks ago, and they told us about what was going to be on it. It's definitely an EP. And Broken Wings is most likely going to be on it. So you're mostly right! It's just not going to be a full length album.

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When I said I didn't think it was a new album, I meant that I know it isn't. ;)

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Indeed, I am! :)