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Both sides seem inclined to murder each other indiscriminately. We watch yet another season of the Family Feud. The Battle of the Clans. Watch the sponsors twist and turn in their efforts to pick a winner from born losers.

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Having changed sides is hard to choke down.

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The U.S. does not really have a Navy anymore. We have Carrier Battle Groups with their support and replenishment ships.

The Marines were not landed in combat during the first gulf war. So the Clinton Administration decommissioned. sold scrapped or stored the Marines ability to ever land such a force again. Budget surplus. The ability to land heavy equipment directly ashore went with the Tank landing ships.

Granted that any such enterprise of that size is fraught with risks given the capabilities of current anti- ship missile. The lack of having it is far different than not.

Just how many international water transit choke points can one lose before some force of size needs to be landed to retake control? We would be hard pressed to even re-take the Panama Canal if it fell under organized hostile forces.

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Ever sense I was a itty bitty Baby my Mama said GOD made everyone equal. He just made the outside wrapper a little different to make us individuals.

Now my whole life all I ever seem to hear is people and groups try and make a lire out of my mama. At first I thought what I was a hearing was good. Not talking bad about people because of their looks has always been the best way of doing things. After a short while I starts ta hearing how White People hate Black people. It's in the Papers. the Magazines.(there used to be a lot of them.) The Schools, TV, As Time progressed, Blacks became ,well, anybody who wasn't overtly Lilly White. As of today, you cannot even mention COLOR without the other Colors getting bent out of shape. Unless it's GREEN!!!!!!!!! that Color is the only Good one today.

By the way, what Islamic group uses Green as their Color? And who is riding shotgun for them?

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Obama doesn't want to see a war start with his friends while he is in office. If it looks like he will win re-election, things will drag along until he can fold up America like an unwanted Bust of Churchill.

If he looks like or actually does lose, then poor Mitt will be conducting armed conflict as a measure of last resort. Unless he goes soft and belly up.

Clinton did little to address the growing problem with Islamic fundamentalism. His Party allowed the next Administration to involve itself when things became acute, yet pulled the Rug of support in short order. Now our current President is actively putting in power the same Ideology the previous Administration went to war against.

So, do we need wonder what is in store for America if our current occupant of the White House is NOT re-elected?

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Before long everyone will win a Gold Metal. This way all the Country's will feel better. The sameness and group think of the collectivists will need to get rid of the last vestiges of organized Nationalism. There couldn't be all the violence at Soccer matches overseas because it is the last acceptable venue to register pride as a Nation. Within the Union of Oneness that is.

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Hanson,as head of NASA needs to go back to the mission of space exploration. Especially that vast expanse of space between his ears.

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Some MSM talking heads and pundits just reflect the intelligence level of their audience. As their target market shrinks, the stupider they need to become to maintain the market share that is left. Really left.

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As a New Yorker, I don't have to shut up.-yet.

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This is just how Social Justice works on the International level. Good thing unemployment benefits were extended. Green Jobs (were) good paying jobs so no doubt maximum benefits will be paid.

The loss of the initial investm ent is small compared to the secondary costs picked up by the state and private industry. Unemployment benefits is poverty level taxable revenue. On one hand the figures are used to establish eligibility for other Social Welfare benefits and the Tax filings are used for supplemented Tax Returns. Let us not forget the actual loss of tax revenue all aspects of Government were receiving as REAL wage earners.

On the private side we have the difference between what the job produced in income vs. what the State offers in recompense. A pretty hefty loss of consumer activity directly effecting sales tax collections. Followed by the eventual rippling effect such spending reductions have on the community(s) private economic activity.

Apparently, the Progressive policy of Social Justice is chugging along quite nicely. Provide a little seed money in the "right" places and let the market run it's natural course.