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Why tax the American people, we don't want the wars. Lets take all the money these crooks in office have, rape their banks accounts, find their hidden oversea accounts, their ill gotten gains from big business and take every penny to pay for the war they want. I voted for this president on his promise to end the wars, so now its time to work to make sure his time in office is short.He lies as well as all the idiots in Washington.

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I voted for this president on his promise to end the wars and bring our troops home. Now I will work against him to make sure his time in office is short. It's way past time for people to respond to these war mongers including Obama. Clog their computers and phone lines with emails and calls to their Washington offices and home states. The sheer madness of this tool of old men and big business, send them all to the front lines and their children with them, and see how quickly the wars end. It matters little to them our sons,daughters,husbands,wives, children and grandchildren are killed or destroyed in body and mind serving their madness in wars that can not be won. These countries pose no threat to us, their own leaders are corrupt, taking our money and filling their bank accounts instead of spending as it was meant. Our own business's inflate prices to pad their pockets and it is paid for with the blood of Americans. What happened on 9/11 should have been payed back years ago and without the blood shed we have had for the last eight years. But then again how would the American people been robbed of billions of dollars if not for the wars? Why the same way the banks and big business has always done it, with all the elected officials in their pockets, bought and payed for.