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This video gives me the willies.

Well, Im just thankful that the autotune fad has *officially* hit it's unholy peak and the malaise era of pop music MAY be coming to an end :)

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Burners for sure. God I am missing Black Rock right now. next year. :)

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Panic attack time. :P

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Absynth not useful? I object! Sure the interface is.. err, 'enigmatic', but it has some pretty great sounds right out the box for your 'starting patch' needs. very deep and awesome synth if you wanna get into the nitty gritty with it. I, like you, also recently got Komplete 5, and you know what, for $400, its immensely awesome and useful and a great value. I personally don't see a 'kompelling' (har har) reason to upgrade tho, the current versions are sufficiently awesome for me and I plan to use them into the ground untill they cant be used no more.

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This seems like a pretty questionable update to me. As someone who JUST bought Komplete through NI's firesale I am more than a little miffed. Ok, sure, komplete 5 firesale, obviously k6 is right around the corner. But what are we getting exactly? A new version of Kontakt (sweet), guitar rig, moderatly sweet, absynth.. kinda sweet. Where the hell is Reaktor?? Can we pretty much assume that NI has totally abandoned Reaktor in favor of these bite-sized preset loaded instruments? That sux! Not pleased with NI's treatment of theyre so called flagship. Good thing I just switched to Abes and will be very strongly considering switching to max for live for my bizarro mega synth needs. NI, YOU DONE FELL OFF!