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1) How long have you been in the mobile device world? A la your experience.
I've been using a Tablet PC since Fall 2004, so just over 4 years now. Before that I had a laptop since 2000, so just over eight years total.

2) Do you use tablet/mobile devices in your field of work, if so how?
Yes. As a student, I use my tablet to take notes in my classes. I also complete almost all my homework assignments in either OneNote or Windows Journal.

3) What devices do you use?
Currently, Toshiba M700 Tablet PC. Previously, Toshiba M200.

4) Have you had a moment or experience where you thought to yourself “Dang I’m glad I have <insert device here>”. Explain.
On occasion, I'll drive somewhere that has some complicated instructions. Instead of printing out the directions (most likely because I didn't have access to a printer), I'll leave the instructions up on Google Maps and just leave my tablet in portrait mode. It works out pretty well, although it would be nice to have WiMAX so I could refresh the data.

5) Can you ever see yourself going back to the pre-mobile era?
No. The ability to do just about whatever I want to do where ever I am is embedded in my routine. It's part of who I am and I only see that flexibility increasing.