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Staying in Korea to deter the north from using nukes on the south is ridiculous. We don't have to be in country to deter the north, they know they are gone if they nuke the south whether we are garrisoned there or not.

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"as for the massive ordinance penetrator, one only needs to open hilliary clinton's nightstand to see that this is the name of her dildo'.


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Let's all hide under the covers. Jesus.

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"Yemen's Saleh, no matter how far he lets us run our hand up his thigh....." Wow, that is some good stuff.

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OEF wasn't a necessary military operation. It was revenge, we had to bomb someone.

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Hey, we "expressed hope" we got the bad guy. If not, Oh well. Of course if we were after a bad guy and other people were around and got themselves killed, then they probably were bad guys too. If not, Oh well.

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Why would Ron Paul be worried about AIPAC just because he doesn't mention them? I'm sure what he said pissed them off plenty.

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You just have to scratch your head and wonder what the fuck we have become.

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kagan talks of bush not having enough troops to do the job until he "surged". Yet we had just as many troops in Iraq in 2005 as we did after the surge. We hadn't bought off the sunnis as of yet and the neighborhoods hadn't been cleansed, Otherwise the surge would never had "worked". Still waiting for that reconciliation thing to happen which the surge was suppose to be all about.

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I can't help but think where we would be if mccain had won. Any escalation would have been met with outrage from those who support obama's. On the other hand the old senile one would probably have started bomb bomb bomb....bombing Iran by now and we'd be knee deep in WWIII. I wish I could think how things woud be if Ron Paul had won. Not in this country.