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Everyone has a dark side sweety. It's important to accept this fact. It's also important to not take it out on those you love. It sounds like your dark side might contain an element of self-sabotage. Now that you've found the love of your life, you need to protect it. Certainly, if he is everything you say he is, he'll learn to understand you and he'll learn not to take things personally, but men are sensitive animals. More importantly, you must protect Benjamin from it, for he is not able to understand it. I had a mother with an extremely dark side and I still struggle to not blame myself for things that have happened throughout our lives.

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So adorable!

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You and John Bear look like you're so in love. It's absolutely wonderful to see and I am soooo happy for you. You deserve it. I knew it wouldn't be long before you met the love of your life. Everything is falling in place for you. It's so wonderful to see. It gives me such inspiration that the same will happen to me. John Bear is a lucky man!

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Oh, I can't wait to hear more about your secret project. Can you please give us a hint? I saw something in one of your tweets. The suspense is killing me. Every thing you do is so super...I can't wait:)

I prefer dogs over muppets btw.