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Hopefully with some of our members back this weekend (and us feeling more into WoW), we can work on some more raids.

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Very nice on the ICC runs.

I think Kazi has exclusive rights when it comes to playing Warcraft 3 with me. So you'll have to ask him for permission. ;)

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This hits incredibly close to home. I'm an officer in a guild of a similar nature and for a while, I was running our twice-a-week 10-man raids. We used to have a couple that would suddenly say over vent "We're going for a smoke break" and would leave the rest of us waiting for upwards of 20 minutes. This was also the same one that raged over vent because he would always be late to sign up and as a result, be benched for some of the raids. It aggravated to me the point where I actually took a break from -any- raids for a couple of weeks.

More recently we've had another couple getting themselves saved to raids during the week and then QQing about how we want to do raids on the weekend that they're already locked to. Like the other night after we downed Onyxia in record time for us, everyone was on a high and wanted to go to VoA. That couple was already saved to VoA-10 (on BOTH of their 80 toons, I might add) and immediately said "Let's do 25-man". I happened to be filling in for the regular RL who couldn't make it that night and there was no way I was going to try and herd 24 cats (the majority of them being pugged players because we don't have those kind of numbers) just because these two had gotten themselves saved. In the end, they left the raid, we filled their two spots, and we had a blast in there.

Anyways, I think what your particular guildies (as well as mine) need to learn is a little thing I like to call "compromise". Sometimes the group does something for you at their sacrifice, sometimes you sacrifice something for the group. I've forgotten to sign up for a raid once or twice and although I was saddened that I wasn't raiding with my friends, I would have completely refused anyone bowing out to let me in. It's okay to have your own interests, it's not okay to forget that others have them as well. Like some of the other commenters had mentioned, perhaps they were simply being thoughtless and will realize their mistake as soon as it's pointed out. At least, that's what I'm hoping.
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This is true, this video was taken way back when we tried it the first time. Perhaps the person with the worst lag should be the leader, so they will start out ahead of everyone else?

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Playing him only once a week or so is fine. Our official rule is that as long as you log in once a month, you stay in the guild. However we always love it when people participate more. :) So go ahead and bring your shammy, we'd love to have him.

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As if you haven't thanked me enough times already. :P

But regardless, you're most welcome. :)

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What are you talking about needing bubbles? You always talk to me while healing randoms on your shammy. ;)

I like tanking, you like healing...no wonder we tear up the randoms together. *grins*

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A clone couldn't hold all of your awesomeness. ;) Now come visit all of us in Bloodriver! :P

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*grins* I do love their sense of humor, it always makes me laugh.

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I know, I'm such a procrastinator. :P Take all the time you need. I sure did. >.>