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"Christ never made a penny teaching his message, why should man? This I agree, the Mormons have right. Gods message should be free to all."

I don´t know, Lee, when was the last time you went to a regular Christian Church and they charged you a price of admission? Mormons do require that money be paid for someone to receive the highest of blessings in the temple. People give money because they want to, voluntarily, just like you do to your church even though you don´t have a clue where the money will end up at. Also your church is a billion dollar corporation, so, quit with the hypocrisy.

"I know Mormon people, and their life centers fully around Christ

Sorry, but that´s a lie. Their lives are centered around their families. Jesus only enables you to progress to godhood, it´s your family plus jesus that make it possible. Jesus divides worship not just with joseph but with you yourselves.

" It is the one that makes the most sense if you really have the intelligence to truly understand Christ message in the New testament."

Oh, really? So why is its membership declining? A bit prideful, aren´t you? Actually mormonism doesn´t make sense at all unless you´re willing to discard the Bible and believe every wind of doctrine, false doctrine for that matter, coming from wolves in sheep´s clothing.

"and I think the Mormons just might have a head start on these facts!"

No, you don´t. So, tell me, can you be a Christ follower without belonging to the mormon church?

Another deception is this:

"He says he was told none of them was Gods true church. Not that the religions all lied, but none was the whole truth."

Actually if you read the account in the Pearl of Great Price, god tells Joseph that their creeds are an abomination and their preachers are all corrupt. What you´re saying is nothing but PR spin designed to get people more comfortable around mormons and to allow them to teach their message.

I don´t understand why mormons who show up here are always so mad at pastors for living off of preaching the Gospel while their apostles do the same thing. They say that they live the law of consecration, meaning that they donate all they have to the church and start living off of an allowance, a set amount of money nobody knows how much, but in a way that nothing actually belongs to them. Now, why the secrecy? Why isn´t it openly publicized how much they receive? Is it because people would be revolted at the immorally high allowances that they take supposedly just for themselves and their wives? I doubt people would still believe in the church´s divinity if they were aware of the behind the scenes stuff that goes on. That´s what´s great about the Bible, its writers, under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, didn´t pull any punches, they said it like it was, even the most terrible shameful stuff - they cared for truth, may that be a lesson to the mormon church as its membership keeps on shrinking and most people get baptized and go inactive.

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When i was having my crisis of faith while still attending the church with my family, there was this one testimony meeting when my mother asked me to give my testimony and i said ok. She then completed: "but it can´t be just about Jesus, just that isn´t enough".

From what i understand, many denominations believe in Jesus, that´s why it isn´t enough to believe Him, you also have to believe His supposed sanctioned denomination aka the one true church.

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"So how many "active" Mormons actually get into this do program?"

As far as i know, Mormons only use General Conference like the girl mentioned above, just to say how cool they are for having a living prophet... but i dare you to ask one of them, a week after General Conference, what were the words of the prophets, and they´ll stare at you blank.

They will use general conference themes in their regular sunday talks all year long, and yet, it´s just more of the same self-improvement stuff that people have tried and failed at so many times that they don´t even care anymore. When i asked some of my mormon friends about what they needed to do to be exalted all they said was that they needed baptism, priesthood, temple covenants and go to church and take the sacrament - that was it! So, honestly, while they think it´s great to listen to Thomas Monson because he´s the symbol of all the church stands for, and by association their lives, they, as i´ve known mormons throughout my life, don´t really care about that extra stuff - that´s like walking the second mile while they haven´t come close to walking the first yet.

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Falcon, they don´t even have the guts to affirm what they believe openly in national TV! What better opportunity can someone have than one of the most watched talkshows of all time to openly speak about your beliefs and to exhort people to listen and join your church. Yet the "prophet" ran away from it like a coward, hiding behind lies and lame excuses. God sure doesn´t cause the same impression on the prophets today the same way He did with the prophets of the past who actually feared Him. But hey, GBH was a nice man anyways, right - it´s all about how magical his life with his wife was... that´s the gospel, isn´t it?

I mean, Mormons in general don´t care about forgiveness of sins unless it´s one of the big ones... so, the true Gospel takes a back seat to the gospel of the eternal families.

Also the reason why they don´t clarify old teachings is probably because they don´t even understand it themselves and if they start to speak about it they´ll let everybody know they don´t have a clue - so, they do like Apple does - use the reality distortion field to make people think they´re awesome, and of course, keep them distracted with all those cool doctrines that they must do, because, remember, how will you understand the deep doctrines if you don´t even keep the most basic commandments? Silly you...

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Rick, that was a great comment that exposes their hypocrisy. All of that is just propaganda - you repeat it all the time until people buy into the idea and stop thinking for themselves. They don´t even open the Bible to actually understand the Gospel, since all they need to know is what the current prophet is teaching for them at the present time, and it´s ok to dismiss past teachings that were for other generations, such as the teachings of BY concerning Adam-god, blood atonement, etc. See, God allows them to make mistakes, and to misunderstand revelation, etc. so, it´s no really their fault, they were never false prophets regardless...

For them Jesus did His part, now they´re up, it´s their turn to do theirs - to work their way into godhood.

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You hit the nail in the head.

As Paul said " I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain" -Galatians 2:21

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"Of all mortal men, we should keep our eyes most firmly fixed on the captain, the prophet, seer, and revelator, and president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

So, i guess Jesus isn´t enough. In some way the statement above is somewhat a confession of guilt, of their sinfulness. In other words they are saying since Jesus was perfect and you´ll never be like Him, the next best thing is supposedly the "prophet", so keep your eyes on him instead. That´s what you get when you have leaders who never studied theology in their lives and have no idea what the Biblical Gospel is. One of the many problems with that is that the "prophet" is just as much of a wretched sinner as you are. If the Apostle Paul called himself the chief of sinners who does Thomas Monson think he is and why should i look to him as a guide to my life, as if he sets some kind of standard supposed to replace Jesus´ perfect standard?

Jesus well said "And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased"

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That´s one of the aspects that upsets me the most - that idea that there are laws above God Himself which He has to obey, or else... That´s so blasphemous, and yet mormons speak of it as the most normal, natural doctrine, as if it was even logic in some disturbing sense. Whatever...

What drives me crazy the most is when i hear someone talking about how God has to do such and such because He´s obligated by eternal laws... what a powerless god. Can you imagine a mormon praying and their god answering: "Sorry, son, i couldn´t get to you sooner because of the bureaucracy required by these eternal laws, and you know, i have to obey them if i want to stay god, so, i´ll try to answer your prayers better the next time. Could you hold on after the amen to answer a quality control survey, that´s a council of god´s idea, they want to start evaluating our service, they are trying to determine why so many people are leaving mormonism..."


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That´s the "simple" Gospel?

And that´s for last General Conference, would someone who has a lot of time in his hands please compile a list of the things required not only by the prophet but also by the "apostles", because after all their word is supposed to be as authoritative as that of the prophet.

Also, why are there modern apostles again? I thought the original Apostles were called to preach the Gospel in its purity as they heard it from Jesus Himself, and to bear witness of who He was, His works and His bodily resurrection... but those so-called apostles haven´t lived with Jesus, they weren´t taught by Jesus in person, they learned what they know just like everyone else, they are not even witnesses of Jesus´ bodily resurrection, i mean, even the Gospel Principles manual now says they´re special witnesses of the name of Christ. Gone are the days when mormons believed their apostles and prophets actually saw and talked with Jesus in person.

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If people couldn´t lose their faith, why did Jesus warned people about wolves in sheep´s clothing?
Why was Paul so upset with the galatians for accepting a false Gospel? What about enduring to the end?