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Looks like you definitely picked the winners here. Can definitely sympathize with the difficulty of finding accurate, and up to date information.

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I had wondered why you never put those videos in the Youtube partner program. You had enough critical mass a few years ago.

Here is another gotcha..... The partner program is not available for Costa Rica Adsense accounts. You will have to move/open an account in the U.S.or one of the other 19 countries where its allowed.

I assume you just found out about it because youtube opened it to all accounts. In the past you had to be invited, and normally you would have been invited beased on the amount of content you have...... unless its's a Costa Rica account.

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I agree with your overall assessment in that there is no way to confirm or even investigate the validity of comments posted on Trip Advisor.

One new feature that may help is Facebook and Trip Advisor integration. I was logged into Facebook while looking for a hotel in San Juan del Sur, and Trip Advisor showed me which comments were posted by my friends on Facebook. Since I am selective about friends on Facebook I can assume these comments are legitimate.

Of course this has a long way and some possible evolution before it may be useful for most destinations. However, I do expect Trip Advisor to work in this direction because it greatly improves their bottom line when they have detailed statistics and social network integration for their page visitors.

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Precarios in Costa Rica are usually built on vacant land, which usually turns out to be owned by the government. So, this is why there is no title. The right to live there is called in Spanish, "usufructo". It usually starts with squatter's rights.

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Ticos have been using the idea of "inactive compaies" along with the concept of wrapping up their cars, homes and other assets in shell corporations for a LONG time. The gringos who come here are just following the lead of the rich people who run Costa Rica.

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Consider that also to really manage or work at your own business it is necessary to be a PERMANENT legal resident, which is a status only available after living in Costa Rica for three years as a TEMPORARY legal resident under one of the programs offered to retirees with guaranteed income. Factor in another year or two for paperwork processing delays.

You can try to get permission to manage your own business, but those requirements are complex and require minimum levels of investment certified every step of the way by a local accountant.

The bottom line is that if your business idea requires a public presence or labor relations, then it will be necessary to hire a Tico manager if you want to get setup quickly.

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The facts in the case of the man who was arrested for sexually assaulting a female employee of the Banco de Costa Rica were not completely reported in the English language press.

According to reports in La Nacion the man initially grabbed the woman's butt, and then proceeded to chase her down, hold her down, put his hand up her skirt and insert his fingers in her vagina.

This was a full on sexual assault in broad daylight, and was only stopped when several other women came to her rescue and brought the police.

The man was arrested and taken to the flagrancy court, because he was caught in the act. He was required to serve the full sentence because he was already on probation for a weapons violation.

I do not dispute the thesis of your article, but again this particular incident is being misreported over and over again in English.

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I really do not think Intel is paying the same rates as the rest of us for electricity in Costa Rica. Their operations are already tax free, and what they are essentially saying is they will not expand unless they get a better deal. Asking for special considerations is possible when you have the president of the country pay you a visit in your own country.

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Yes, having children in Costa Rica is like voting in Chicago, early and often :)

The best way to protect your assets in Costa Rica is to keep it in the United States beyond the reach of the local judicial system. The multiple corporation thing does not work anymore when dealing with a divorce. Anyone can go to the Registro Comerical in Plaza Mayor and do a complete search on your name and find all your shell corporations, which had previously been anonymous.

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The primary reason why I think the ten year security plan will fail is that it does not have any constitutional mandate to reform the judicial branch of government.

Under the Costa Rican system the judicial branch of government has the exclusive power to investigate criminal activity, and in fact the police investigators take their orders from the attorney general who reports to the supreme court.

The president and the executive branch have a very limited role in fighting crime. I am hoping to address these subjects in another article.

Thanks for the informed comment.