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Re: counting carbs for diabetics.

I am no expert on anything, but I know what works for my husband and me. My husband is a Type 2 diabetic. Our diet now focuses on vegetarian, high fiber, low-glycemic dishes although we do include meat sometimes. We also eat lots of fish. Typical day for him is oatmeal with raisins and maybe a banana for breakfast., Lunch is almost always a sandwich plus an apple AND an orange. Dinner might be quiche, a salad, and asparagus . Or maybe mac and cheese (made with low-glycemic pasta) and two veggies. Later he may have sugar-free pudding, a fruit smoothie, or sugar-free yogurt. Definitely not low carb.

His doctor says his blood-sugar counts are so good he will never have health issues caused by his diabetes and that he should be teaching classes. He takes an extremely low dose of medication once a day. Of course that makes a big difference. But it also makes a big difference in his testing results if we go off the diet we designed for him.

I don't know that what works well for one person works well for another. I'm also under the impression that Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are pretty different. I do think that we all need as much information as possible to determine what foods are best for us as an individual. Best wishes for your continued good health!

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Great ideas for meatless meals. So many searches for meatless main dishes are all about tofu. Those recipes are fine, but I prefer recipes that are based on lots of vegetables.

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You do not understand the bill of rights. Freedom of Speech refers to no censorship by the government. The government. Not Food Network. They can censor anything they choose to censor. Freedom of Speech as protected by the constitution has almost nothing to do with a blog. Unless you threaten someone on a blog and then you may find out that threats are not protected speech anywhere.

I think Jeffrey is great. As is Melissa.

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Integrity may not be important to you, but many businesses do not wish to bring someone on board they cannot trust. FN is a business. Plus a network wants hosts that their viewers like. Many viewers have made it plain that they do not care for Debbie.
And as a business they don't hire the best cook to host if the cook cannot entertain an audience. There was nothing unethical about keeping Adam on the show. The judges were very open about why he was there. There is nothing in wrong with giving more than one of the finalists a show.

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I doubt they offer counseling. Lots of jobs have far more stress than this reality show. Stressful it is, but nothing compared to what many people face everyday.

After last night's show I was thinking there is NO way I could ever cook for that table of chef's and cooks. Not that they were too harsh, just the pressure of cooking for so many experts. My hat is off to the three who did it.

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you made me laugh with the crow statement -- I admit I was worried that Debbie might win

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My question is: I would like to know what tipped the decision in Melissa's and Jeffrey's favor? Very glad they are the final two. I like them and I like their food. I am confident I would enjoy either one on a show. How about having them be on a show together?
They are both full of stories about being home cooks and they both enjoy many types of international dishes.

Jeffrey's demo tonight was great. He did make the scallops look easy to do, gave great tips for a good result, and made me WANT to make them.

By the by, I think Big Daddy's show is excellent.

Having hired many people, I would have sent Debbie home the first time she showed a lack of integrity. I do hope this is a learning experience for her. She is young (so can certainly grow and change), personable and talented. If she can recognize that she is not being truthful and ethical when the going gets tough, she can change that.