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Well, assuming you've placed the second part of the add comment code, then "comment (view)" should be replaced with however you have your Disqus account set up to display comments.

When you look at your entry, is your comment box showing up at the bottom of the individual post's page?

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I actually didn't do anything to the comment author section; by default it just put the author's name inline. If you have a situation where it's disappearing off to the right, it could be related adding the "white-space: normal !important" as described above.

I dug around and it looks like you should be able to tweak the look of the comment author by adding some CSS to .friendfeed.widget a.l_person. I don't have any multi-comment posts, though, to see if that class only gets assigned once. (Note, that's a lowercase L, not a one!)

What is it you're trying to accomplish?

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No problem at all! I'd love to see what you do with the images. I, too, am a little underwhelmed by how they appear by default.

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Glad to help. I looked into what you're describing. I'm not sure how exactly you were hoping to make the images look, but from what I can tell you need to look for the CSS code that starts ".friendfeed.widget .feed .entry .media img {...}", and adjust the default styles between the curly brackets to fit your needs. You can't actually change any of the html, though, because that's being pulled into your site via JavaScript; to alter that, you'd need to be able to change it at the source, which you can't.

Word of warning, though: That particular element string will change how ALL of your images look, not just Amazon wishlist items. Friendfeed doesn't differentiate or apply classes to WHERE the feed is coming in from. Be warned, too, that any pulls from video sites will also be affected by whatever styles you apply, since those are being displayed in your lifestream as thumbnails.

Hope this helps, and don't forget the !important at the end of your styles!

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Nice coincidence indeed! What's funny is when I put that tagline way back when, I didn't even realize I was taking it from Slaughterhouse-Five, despite having read it dozens of times. It wasn't until after Kurt Vonnegut passed away that I realized. Thanks for noticing!

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I'm dyin' for a little Facebook Connect! I know you guys'll deliver eventually, but an update would be awesome :)