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Really excited about this project's prospects. Lets get the show under way.

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This reminds me of an interesting book I read a little while by a US Nigerian journalist. the book is called THE CAPITALIST NIGGER, it is not availalble here in the UK due to Political correctness, I came across it in South Africa a few years ago. The author whose name I can remember raised the same issues that Jackson has alluded to here.

It is the same reason we buy plastic bags instead of our Vikapu/baskets:-)<div style="margin: 6px 0pt 0pt; display: block;"><a class="a2a_dd" href=""><img src="" alt="Share/Save/Bookmark" border="0" height="16" width="171">

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A great blog Teddy, in many ways I am not surprised that African governments have failed to tap into the potential that is the Diaspora. Whilst not an impossible task it would require a great deal of technical organisation, willingness and commitment on the part of the governments. This may look like hard work on the face of it, and certainly not an easy option when compared to AID.

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to get them off the hook, because as you say Uganda and Rwanda have certainly started work on this.

There is also the question of Trust! Would we in diaspora knowing what we know trust African governments with our earned CASH!

We in the diaspora may have to lead on this by organising ourselves to make this work. I am especially keen on platforms that bring us together for dialogue and collaboration.

I would ultimately like to see an annual event that was to do with reporting on diaspora led projects and any results from such projects.

Looking forward to meeting you and your team in London next week

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Many thanks Graham, it certainly does. The readership of my blogs has also increased as a result of Twitter feed

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Hello Sarah,

I am hoping that the whole event will be on record. May I take thsi opportunity to thank you too for all the samrt tips you have shared with me

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Thank you Angela, most people do not view the friendships made as valuable or that those friendships can lead to business. I had my first twitter order from you. I had not expected to ever get a sale from Twitter.

The story of that one tweet continues. I will be posting an update later today

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Oh certainly Nikki. I must give you credit here for helping me to understand Twitter. The PR that that once encounter on twitter has brought me is simply priceless.