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@orangeblowfish1 - I wish I could give you more advice. A lot of time has gone by so i'm going to have to leave it to you or my other readers to solve that one. Please do post the solution if you find it!

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Raissa - I suppose it is a weird message from me in that as a political science major and a student of PR, including reading all of the early works of Edward Bernays and studying everyone from Ivy Lee to PT Barnum to Wilson's "Four Minute Men", I am wildly optimistic about the Millennial generation. Many of them work for me and I have had employees come in so jaded thinking I was an idiot. But I saw potential and some of those very people I later promoted to be managers. Watching how fast they can learn and grow is amazing and energizing. My hope is that they vote.

Well, let me rephrase that. I don't hope they will vote. They WILL vote. It's just a question of when. My hope is that they vote sooner rather than later. As I posted a while ago, there are three very good reasons to be optimistic about our future as a country and this generation is one of those reasons. Although I'm not gonna say that I don't enjoy poking them a bit every once in a while. I have tried for 15 years to get 100% voting by all eligible voters in our company and have never achieved that goal. Never. 35 to 40 employees and I can't get 100% voting. Yes really.

And I most definitely do NOT tell or ask who they voted for. I'm Independent and the whole point is for them to think for themselves. Although I do say things like "straight line party voters scare me" ... because they do. That's just dumb.

See this post (linked below) where I am a bit more optimistic in tone. Yet I stand by my comments above that they need to get over the pity party of "receiving too many trophies" and "we know we're not special because you keep telling us that" and take the helm. They can and will lead our country much better than the baby boomers. The division between groups like the Bush's and the Clinton's, no matter your politics, are simply too great to bridge. We need a new group of leaders, new officers at the helm, who will focus on national issues instead of MTs.

Here is my previous post expressing why I think they will succeed. And forgive my harsh words intended to provoke to get them to VOTE!

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Are you sure you have virtualenv installed properly?

Another possibility is that I am not sure you have two (2) dashes in front of "--distribute" in your first line.

mkvirtualenv ipythonvm -distribute

If you copied and pasted it you don't. It's a double dash as in a "-" followed by a "-" followed by "distribute".

Also the latest version doesn't automatically switch you into the virtual. So be sure to do a "workon myEnv" or whatever you named it. A few more lines to help from my bash profile (learned from so many other programmers so I can't take credit, just sharing.)

# virtualenvwrapper and pip settings
export WORKON_HOME=$HOME/.virtualenv
source /usr/local/bin/
# autoenv simulator for virtual environments activates .env files when you cd into them
source ~/.autoenv/

Also consider using the following github package as more and more of the cloud based sites move towards the use of .ENV files which are by default (or should be) blocked by .gitignore.

Think of it as "signal" or "trigger" depending on your background, but basically an autoexecute on access. I find that autoenv does a nice job of simulating the ENV vars from Heroku which is one of our main deployment platforms (although definitely not the cheapest!

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Thank you. It needed to be said. And I appreciate the comment.

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airborn again. and photo ready. all good.

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Albert - you will be missed. And I have a bunch of other stuff to say, all good, but I said it to you in person and I wish you much success! ~ Ed

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Actually a lot of the photos in that set, perhaps the majority, are by me. But it is interesting to note the two you picked for this blog post are both by Broden Schipul. That kid is passing me up already. Darn teenagers.

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Thank you for the comment!

I'd still pin this one on mankind personally. A few reasons right off the bat:

1) They are rod reactors, not pebble bed reactors. Thus they radiate the water when we have newer technology that does not.
2) They should have been decommissioned a long time ago. It was planned. But they still needed them so they didn't.
3) Because we can't agree on where to store spent-fuel-rods they are stored in the same facility instead of another safer location (it was the spent fuel rods that were exposed first.) I believe the same thing is done in the US.
4) Yes they had generators in case of a loss of power, but those went underwater and then the backup battery died. So yes this is 2 levels of backup, but clearly that wasn't enough.
5) After those levels failed the backup plan was dumping water from helicopters. Thus there were no nearby storage tanks of additional water if needed.

If I were designing the nuclear power plants back in the 1960s I'd have probably designed the same thing. Or worse. What nature did point out to us is that our planning was not enough. Hence I call it the folly of man. (And I am guilty of it too!)

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I think you call it "root cause analysis" Eloy. Getting to the root cause is very logical. It fixes things "once for all time for all users." #heh

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You're welcome.