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Your artical was good , It serves me to remind me why I'am a follower of antiwar . I think In Yugoslavia Iraq and Afganhistan and Iran we have consistantly done tremendious damage and very absolutely no good what soever . Just why would I , or any other American want to continue to support this ?

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I think You have destroyed the Serbs churches , so the Serbs can't repent . Maybe they will find a way to get revenge ?

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The largest ethnic groupe in Yugoslavia lost evreytime on evrey deal . This is democracy in action .
Yugoslavia would probabley still be a country , If United States and Germany would have kept their noses out of Yugoslavia's buisness . Milosevic should have declared the Serbs independant and sent all his troops to protect Babic and the Serbs in Croatia . And than done the samething in Bosnia . Instead Milkosevic kept Serbia out of all the wars , a man of peace and lost evreything . The only place Milosevic won was his battle in the Hague court . where he clearly proved just who was and who was not the criminals . If somehow the world gets ruled by the forces that were algined against Yugoslavia .? We as God fearing justice loving people dont have much to look forward too

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whats the difference in a assisination or and wanting somebodie dead or alive . wanted dead or alive is really the same thing but doesnt sound so bad .

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I love muslims ,but I hate Shariah law , does that make me Islamphobic , I dont think so , I hate Jihad , I hate stoning people for fornication , or cuttin off hands for stealing , also killing muslims for apostacy , I hate the death penalty for quiting Islam . I think it is totally unreasonable , to insist that any property ever occupied by a muslim has to forever be occupied by a muslim or be called stolen propery if ocupied by anyone else .

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Jews did not expell the native population . the majority of the native population left becuae they were instructed to by the neihboring arab countries . that told them it would be better if they left before the war to exterminate the Jews started . This way they would not be hurt accidently when we kill all the Jews .in Israel . only a few hundred thousan Arab palestinians stayed in Israel and maybe less than a million fled .to make way for the big invasion . I'am sure all the Arabs that fled could go back .But the arabs want to bring all their chidran and their childrans childran back ,and displace the Jews
I would like to go back to Norway now that Norway is the wealthiest country in the world . My great grandfather fled becuase he and his family were always hungrey . After he settled here , sombody died in Norway and he recieved a chance to go back and recieve a tittle and property . He did not do that , but I think now we should maybe go back and claim our rightfull inheritance. There are more than 600 of us . We could help some 600 norwigens become boat people and we will take their place and spend the oil money .

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I have never heard how much United States and their NATO axis allies spent rebuilding Serbia , I know we used Marshal's program funds to rebuild western Germany and other western axes countries after wwar 2
I dont suppose Serbia qualified for any of that , since we turned over Yugoslavia completely to Russia . I never heard of Russia or Yugoslavia recieving aid . We seemed to have gotten and bad terms with Russia almost right away after WWar2 . . I was just wondering If Serbia got any rebuilding money like Iraq has been getting after we bombed them .. I know the sactions were lifted on the Yugoslav states as soon as they seperated from Yugoslavia .

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Wrong Gary Serbia was the most multi ethnic country . Yugoslavia was a very advanced communist country . where workers owned a % of the factory they worked in . Yugoslavia had a bigger percent of private owned farm land than most of the United States . Non of the countries that have lived under communist rule wanted to try communisim anymore . But there are plenty of nazis still in eastern europe . As a matter of fact both Croatia and Bosnia elected two former nazis from Hitlers army to be their new presidents . United States sided with NAZIs and AlQaida when they destroyed Yugoslavia . I think the Serbs are a very high class of people , a people that we should respect , here in America Serbs have won more medals of honor from our military than any other pepole , Croats and Bosnia muslims have not one 1 medal of honor . The U.S. bombing of Serbia was not just a little heavy , it was a disgrace . All becuase the United States insisted the Serbs be ruled by nazis and muslims . If Russia would only have been well at this time NATO would have never gotten by with this nazi crime . Russia is still plenty upset about Yugoslavia , we may not get by yet .

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It was predicted that there would be a time in our future that it would seem our leadership has lost their minds . When wrong will be declared right and right would be declared wrong . In Yugoslavia we again partnered with AlQaida . The Hague court desides the innocent are guilty and the guilty are innocent . Milosevic was warned not to call the muslims terrorists , So he brought out a picture of the Kosovo muslim army . Maybe twenty of them all AlQaida holding riffles with spears on , On the top off each spear was a Serb Christians head . guess who were declared the terrorists ?

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Secrets and national security , are nearly always to keep us from learning damning information of our government or military mistakes . It usually ends up protecting politicians . We now live in a country where our young men could be trained and sent to war to kill people and if they acidently shoot sombody be charged for murder . I have heard of orders dont shoot back when fired at , but call headquarters and ask for permission to shoot back . Having the chance to shoot first has long been considered a big advantage . President Bush claimed for the United States the right to attack first to all countries opposing his intrests . If that was not damning information to give our prospective enemies nothing IS .