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Excellent post - and most importantly steps on how to identify and avoid these pitfalls. The hardest thing to do sometimes is communicate things in agreement or disagreement, as they are often confused by folks who think silence is a form of agreement. Being clear and concise is a art that is tough to stick with, despite how easy it sounds. Again thanks for posting your experiences.

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My question has become; if you can bake into a legal agreement who will pay for which legal fees and have a fuse attached to a agreement, why can't you also have a "time to close" part of the agreement as well as a to-do list once the contract has been signed. That is when the real work begins and it seems all the legal work stops. Getting these things into docs slowly will make them the standards in the future.

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How about COTech

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My favorite type of question like this which I have asked on interviews is "How many chimney cleaning companies are there in Manhattan?" and the answers were always fantastic

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You are welcome

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You could simply forward them all into GV and then route them back out - or as you said, you would have to switch to a Google Voice number and start using that on its own.

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I have become addicted to Mafia Wars too during "researching" some of Zynga's games :)

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Very cool usage of WP - great personal branding theme

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Very good idea. Exclusivity and constraints - great combo.