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Hi John -

Great stuff as always.

I agree...there's been many approaches to IT over the years...but I think the technology of today has finally gotten to the point where the centralized vs non-centralized debate is the wrong debate.

IT / Technology has become so widely dispersed in society and organizations to force us to think more strategically about how organizations allow technology to be used.

Take the HR IT systems of the past...there were many HR groups who felt that they needed their own IT team to manage their IT systems. I've seen organizations who have almost as many HR IT team members as IT team members...they work for different departments and have different goals. That's a great example of BAD technology strategy & leadership.

No organization wants (nor am I proposing) that IT teams are dispersed through the enterprise...what I'm arguing for is a more strategic view of technology, leadership of technology and management of technology. Today...if that HR team wants an IT system do they come to the IT group for help or do they go to a SaaS vendor and buy a system?

I would hope that they come to IT first...but many groups are going around IT these days. The position of IT today (and tomorrow) should be one of a consultative nature to help that HR group find / select / manage their HR IT system.

The role of IT should one that helps the organization use technology rather than implement, build and control technology. Now...perhaps that's how your IT group works...but not how many of the IT groups that I've worked with have operated. Their idea of IT is keeping servers running and controlling all technology.

I just don't think controlling technology should be the focus of IT today or tomorrow.

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Thanks Danny.

Village Creek Drying Beds is in Arlington TX - More info here:

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Thanks Marius!

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Thanks Zack!

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Pretty much :)
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Thanks Steve. Same here....sometimes we are all wrong.

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Thanks Bill!

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Welcome Kacy. Thanks for stopping bu.
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Sorry to hear about your problems Jasmine.

Did you pay with a credit card through paypal? If so, contact your credit card company for a refund.

If not, send an email and also a registered letter to Blu Domain and then file a BBB compliant. Keep track of any correspondance with BD and if you aren\'t refunded just keep up the correspondance. It took us a good month to get a refund but we had to keep hounded them. Be professional and courteous but forceful.

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Thanks Zack! Definitely a beautiful bird.