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I think back in the day, Ferentz and Mac had to 'sneak' in work with the 1s v 1s on the O and D lines as Hayden Fry didn't want to lose any depth in practice. Bad enough on Saturdays and all. The compelling thing about this DL group is it's pretty salty having to take on the 2s. In watching some of the early season games of other programs (mostly good ones, too) it's remarkable how the DL (especially Klug and Daniel) play so low. There's no standing up and the physics of a lower center of gravity means harder to move - not to mention faster forward. IF the Iowa OL can be effective against that technique - the rest sort of sorts out.

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Stoops#41 was Strong Safety -- Devon Mitchell #21 was Free Safety. I believe Keith Hunter - maybe Kenny Sims?- was one corner and Nate Creer (father of Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhause (spelling help) was the other corner. Jay Norvell (I believe he's currently the QB coach for Bob Stoops at OU) was the guy who followed Mike Stoops and wore #41.

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Stoops understands Iowa Football 100% when he says, “I think we had something close to 50 plays. You can’t do that and expect to beat them." Iowa has 2.5 great defenses. One is a ball control offense, one is the defense that has a top5 front seven and the point5 is a punter who will bury it between the 20 and the 3 about 85% of the time. The Arizona 3-4 will present the first serious blitz pickups and multiple defensive front assignments for the Hawkeyes to work out.

Also, the Iowa kick coverage has every reason and need to improve as Arizona springs yardage with their guy back there.

One thing about 'manning up' to play a physical opponent, though, if it's not something you do every day -- it's a jump to go from tough in theory to punch in the nose reality. You can strategize to 'contain' an opponent's speed but it's another thing to defeat force.

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I don't know if Iowa's offense is under-rated but I'm sure Iowa State will attempt to attack Iowa up the middle. Iowa's success is going to be spelled GCG - if they hold up it's a good day. If they put in a top performance we won't be worrying about FGs because there will be plenty of PATs.

Speaking of kickers, though...

Mossbrucker is a work in progress, for sure, according to Ferentz. So, enough said. However, I'm going from memory here but I would guess he has about 40 kicks in his career between PAT and FG. The kid was a gritty QB in high school. He may have limited range - I don't think he'll drill many 50 yarders. I thought he had a 3 FG day somewhere in the B10 - maybe at Michigan State?

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If you're going to have a network and you're going to make news - it makes sense to make the news on your network. With a 90 minute time slot - I'm wondering if they will really go big and have an interactive element to it with B10 audience able to respond/question the B10 'deciders'? That would be newsy. Also, I assume most of us regard this as a football thing. Won't the divisions have some significance for Basketball? I don't really care how things get split - I'm certain the border rivals will be on the schedule- but I do think it's rather important for recruiting purposes that Iowa maintain links to our friends in the east coast bias (PA, NJ, MA, MD.) TV coverage is one thing-- getting out there and in front of people is critical, too.

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These items caught my eye. 1) Perhaps it's the ambiguity of the depth chart but it looks like Tobin has 'made a move.' 2) Lance Tillison is a junior? Thought he was a senior. 3) Bernstein at #2 CB behind Hyde instead of getting the start at the other corner (a guess is this is partially related to his situation downtown.) Impressed that Ballard is going to start at both DT and DE. Beefy! And the lamest thing I may ever post here... but Alvis' #79 seems like an odd number for a DE.

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Knowing nothing about Gray but... I would imagine leaving prior to starting classes has to do with preserving options in terms of eligibility. Last year, this happened with the TE from the east coast. It has to be frustrating however it does seem like it's much more often than not a guy leaves upon arriving. I can't get too bent on any of these guys making their decisions. In some ways, it's a refreshing reminder these guys really are kids.

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Reading the analysis and the best one can do is throw out, with great intention and vigor, all references to Iowa basketball outcomes. We might as well have been traveling with the Globetrotters. What's most interesting to me is how that opening game in B10 play versus Illinois will play out in the stands. Will Illinois fans have to contact the ICPD to register another 'house party?' One would think that ticket, in particular, should go heavily black and gold.

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Here's the thing. No matter what they say the future isn't 25 or, even, 10 years anymore. No offense to Jon Miller but anxiety over the divisions just doesn't take you anywhere. The news that only 14 FBS schools are operating in the financial black indicates there's much to change. Most, probably, sooner than later. Most likely, the B10 will announce divisions. It'll shake out over a couple of seasons. And then change. Again. That's the modern era. By the time things get figured out... they're changing.

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This is almost a classic allocation of resources economics essay topic. Given the Iowa Way at RB - I'd look for Iowa to play a freshman at that position almost every season for 'depth' and development. Durability is not assured. This is a game to establish the run. There should be maximum carries available... spread 'em across the top 5 guys. What's the news on the EIU dope smokers? If they come in to Iowa City minus 10+ players .....